President he maker of historic changes in Yemen [Archives:2003/651/Opinion]

July 17 2003

By Yaser al-Mayyasi
Today, Thursday 17 July is the sliver jubilee of President Ali Abduallah Saleh's presidency. Honestly, we can say that president Saleh has taken the risk when he took the power in a country full with many turmoil and bloody massacres.
The President could bravely hold the reins of government where there was no country nor government and he started to establish Yemen from the beginning.
The intelligence and the leadership ability of President Saleh lie in his flexibility in dealing and the ability to find balance between the various classes and groups. When he came to power he could found a kind of security and stability through which he was able to build important institutions such as the interior and defense and education ministries.
Yemen that is considered one of the poorest countries of the region is distinguished by its complicated population structure that cannot be understood and dealt with except by intelligent leaders like President Saleh.
Here we want to point out that President Saleh success in dealing with Yemen affairs has sprung from his understanding of the nature of the population structure.
Displaying the successes of President Saleh through the 25 years needs many different writings, however, we here want to concise the most important achievements of President Saleh that have made a big change in Yemenis life some of which has made historic shift for the Yemeni citizens like the Yemeni unification and democracy. Thus, various parties were established and obviously announced their platforms and published their papers to say whatever respecting the constitution and laws.
There are more than 40 newspapers and publications on all their various political, social, cultural and economic trends that have become.
More than 600 non-governmental organizations were formed that today translated in the Yemeni arena in different political, economic, social and other fields. Some of those organizations have and sincerely and honestly worked and succeeded while other selfish organization failed.
Many and many of achievements will belong to president Saleh.
Today and after president saleh has fulfilled a lot of things to make Yemen as a developed country he has still to fight the corrupt and limit their control on public property and decrease their power. That's what all the Yemeni people who love the president wish.
Finally we wish the president more success and prosperity to build the new Yemen.