Product of destructive chaos [Archives:2007/1096/Opinion]

October 22 2007

Jamal Eisa
Hamas Representative in Yemen

Over hard five years, the Arab and Islamic nations have suffered implementation of the Zionist-American strategy in their soil under the guise of organized or 'destructive' chaos as the Zionists and their supporters allege. Implementation of such a strategy has left behind harmful effects and changes, the most prominent of which is the attempt to overthrow many regimes and then reestablish them once again like what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. In addition, there are many other states in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, the regimes of which are expected to be reshuffled according to the Zionist-American strategy.

The strategy in question caused a political and economic paralysis and is responsible for domestic congestions between natives and citizens of the same homeland like what happened and is happening in Lebanon, Sudan and Palestine.

Another harmful effect of the strategy is that the Zionist and American leaders are insisting on supporting certain parties at the expense of other parties within the same homeland with all the forms of assistance and expertise. They intervene in domestic affairs of Arab and Islamic states in order to ensure that their malignant plans of fighting, destruction and fragmentation in these states succeed.

The strangest thing in this issue is that the Zionist and American leaders back rulers of Arab and Islamic states to oppress their peoples, confiscate their rights and break any national principles. Consequently, Arab citizens view their leaders as if they are military rulers appointed by states having their new forms of invasion.

The common denominator of all the Zionist-American plans concentrates on two primary goals, the first of which is imposing the American dominance over the natural resources and wealth of the targeted states, thereby controlling all the land, sea and air outlets from and into these countries.

The second goal is maintaining safety and security of the Zionist state, as well as ensuring that its performance and expertise are superior to those of all the states in the region.

Another effect left by the strategy is that of incorporating the Palestinian Cause into a promise of achieving a vision, which the U.S. President George W Bush reached.

According to this vision, a state for the Palestinians can be established but inside the womb of the Zionist entity and within a very small area that causes no risk to this womb. Also, Bush's vision ensured that establishing a state for the Palestinians must not threaten the Zionists' demographic future by denying refugees the right to return home and depriving any Arabs of entering Al-Quds, which it considers as the permanent capital of the Zionist State.

The last and most dangerous change of the Zionist-American strategy is its approval of the 'Modified Road Map' as the ceiling of the projects concerned with settling the Palestinian Cause. The strategy also has this road map as the political and legal reference when dealing with the Arab-Israeli longstanding conflict.

The road map is merely a collection of phases and work programs between the Palestinians and Arabs, on the one hand, and the Zionist entity, on the other. This map is run under the patronage and supervision of a quartet committee, which is itself dominated by the U.S. Administration.

Under the pretext of implementing the road map, the committee started to confiscate weapons of the resistance and label it as terrorism and violation of international laws and conventions.

The map is expected to conclude with ending the longstanding conflict between Arabs and the Zionist entity via a comprehensive normalization between both sides without ensuring refugees their rights to return home.

Such a Zionist destructive strategy is the ideally prescribed medicine for implementing the project of collective suicide for all the Arab and Muslim nations. Then, only those who machinated the Zionist project will have the chance to live freely and peacefully.

Source: Al-Shumou Weekly