Rafah and the Iraqi wedding massacre [Archives:2004/740/Opinion]

May 24 2004

People are shocked to find Ariel Sharon dealing with a peaceful protest march with Apaches and tanks. As if they do not know the bloody mentality of Ariel Sharon. All his life is dedicated to the elimination of the Palestinians. In any case, if anybody needs proof, one can go back to the hundreds of quotes, in which Sharon brings his true self: “Even if I were a civilian I would work to kill every Palestinian, especially the women and children because they bring new Palestinians ” These are the words of Ariel Sharon back in 1956, when he was still climbing up the military ladder and trying to create a political niche. So Rafah should really be no surprise to Ariel Sharon. Nor should the death of Mohammed Al-Durra, at the start of the Second Intifadha, and the thousands of children that Ariel Sharon killed, from Sabra and Shatilla to Bethlehem – once used to be known as the City of Peace. Ariel Sharon is the embodiment of Zionist doctrine in all of its manifestations: it starts with blood and ends with blood. Oh sure, Zionists would never say that to anyone point blank. But Ariel Sharon is unabashed that the record shows his true fealty to the Zionist cause. Israel is democratic and based on “western” concepts of morality and human rights. Yet almost since its creation, in land that belongs to a people who have been living there for hundreds of generations, this has been the biggest fiction and historical myth that this region has ever known.
Rafah is just one minor visualization of Zionist doctrinaire. There are simply no show of this morality and respect for human rights in Gaza and the West Bank. Just listen to the Israelis insist that they do not give a damn about what the United Nations says. Israel never cared about the United Nations. Israel does not care about what the Irish President of the European Union says. In fact, Israel called the Irish Ambassador to express their disappointment at the Irish Foreign Minister for speaking so harshly against the Zionist state. What a mean person? How could anyone say anything so harsh against Israel? Israel is only interested in defending herself. That is the line George W. Bush always justifies the senseless killing of Palestinians almost since he got into the White House. Even amidst all the condemnation that the Israelis have been hit with over the last couple of days because of the merciless attack against civilians, trying to cry out to the world: “Look world, Israel is destroying our homes and throwing us into the street”., President Bush made sure to attend one of the Jewish “philanthropic organizations” that are working night and day to advocate for Israel in the United States, to declare that Israel has the right to defend itself against these monstrous Palestinians. He only sees Israel as King David (Peace of Allah be upon him – He is also a prophet of Islam!) and the Palestinians as several Goliaths out to destroy Israel. At least he is trying to project that feeling. The truth of the matter is that the Palestinians of Rafah have been undergoing a systematic war of elimination by the Israelis since the Intifadhah began. The fact of the matter is the security alibi used by the Israelis has the least meaning in Rafah: “The fact is that Israel's latest actions in Gaza are motivated by revenge, cynicism, and desperation. As such, they have destroyed the political and moral capital that Sharon briefly acquired when he announced his unilateral peace plan” – the Guardian; “the Rafah attacks, which have already taken more than 30 Palestinian lives, most of them unarmed civilians, are aimed at avenging those deaths on the usual five-eyes-for-an eye, 10-teeth-for-a-tooth basis – again the Guardian 21/5/22. The revenge referred to here is the death of 13 Israeli soldiers over the past 10 days, which is a qualitative turn of the Intifadha into a real menace for the Israelis. Now we come back to the US “surprising veto” in the Security Council of the United Nations. This observer sees no surprise whatsoever, when looking at the same Likudnik mentality being unleashed in Iraq at almost the same time that Sharon was unleashing his war machine on innocent Palestinians. It would indeed seem very ridiculous for the United States to veto a condemnation of an Israeli atrocity, while at the same time deny that it would ever carry out the same kind of carnage multiplied four times in Iraq. That would not look very good from a diplomatic perspective. How long should these two bullies carry on as they please with the ugly toys they have in their hands? Is the whole world now at the mercy of any thug, simply because they are better armed than anyone else? God forbid that we should have to live in a world, where even the President of the European Union is severely denounced by the Israelis because he spoke his mind, rightfully about an atrocious act that no moral suasion could ever accept. Why does not the Arab World present the atrocity of the United States in the Western Desert of Iraq for the condemnation of the United Nations? The Rafah massacre and the Iraqi wedding carnage are the outcomes of policies devised by the likes of Douglas Feith and Ariel Sharon and blessed by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu.
What about the Presidential candidates in the United States? How do they feel about all this bloodletting of innocent folks? We know well the feelings of the incumbent. To this day, however, we have yet to hear anything from John Kerry, the Democratic hopeful, who kept his feelings mum, about both Rafah and the Iraqi Wedding Carnage. For sure, he would be “ushered” by the Likudnik controlled media in the United States. So, the best campaign approach is “mum is the word”

Last Monday's Common Sense had mistakes:
Nick Greb, or Breg should be actually Nick Berg.
Husni Umbra should actually be President Husni Mubarak.