Ramadhan and unwise behavior [Archives:2003/681/Opinion]

October 30 2003

By Wathik Samawi
[email protected]
Sana’a, Yemen

The holy month of Ramadhan has come. This month resembles a precious time during which Muslims throughout the world act differently. It’s a distinguished month in which as Muslims, we need to discipline ourselves and devote most of our energies and time to worship Allah in accordance with Islamic regulations.
Unfortunately however, many Muslims in Yemen misunderstand the main purpose of this month by changing their lifestyle to the way they want regardless of the implications.
During this month, you could see many people looking frown with pale faces and dry lips and can never tolerate any annoying act from others. People would scream and insult each other in the street for nothing.
Others can hardly walk as if they are totally ill because they didn’t have food for the day. Drivers just drive carelessly and foolishly even if they weren’t in a hurry.
Is this what our Islamic regulations taught us?
Such acts really stir up unnecessary problems and cause miserable results in a month that is supposed to be a blessing time for everyone.
Ramadhan is a time of tolerance, love, and sympathy for each and every one of us. True Muslims should realize that to fast and spend some hours without food is not enough and doesn’t mean that we are doing what we’re supposed to do during this holy month.
The meaning of Ramadhan is much more. Let us realize the true meaning and symbolize an honorable example to world nations.