Recalling the aftermath of the 1994 war [Archives:2003/695/Opinion]

December 18 2003

By Mohamed Ghalib Ahmed
Member of the YSP
Head of Party Affairs Dep.

Almost ten years have past since the 1994 war ended, and since the displacement and deportation of the simple laborers, farmers, factory workers, employees, and civil and military qualified cadres from their work in the governorates that were ruled by the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) before unity. But even today, certain orders are still being issued to deport those remaining with the excuse of excessive labor. This is in addition to the forced retirement procedures carried out today and that violate the law and are not only human rights violations, but also the cause of destruction to the brotherhood and peace in the Yemeni society.
An example of this is the claim of the release of prisoners. There were three prisoners of the YSP held in Dhamar jail since 1980, and are yet to be released until this present day despite the verdicts and orders issued in this regard.
The preparations for the upcoming international conference in January under the supervision of the European Union (EU) and the government of Yemen, in the name of the law to protect democracy and human rights, brings the illusion that the authorities in our country are responsible for the protection of human rights in Siberia and islands of the Pacific Ocean and not in Yemen. This is also the case for the democratic experience in Yemen as the YSP is currently under siege and has been so since the 1994 civil war. The ruling party's people are still controlling more than 100 centers legally owned by our party and are investing the funds of the YSP illegally confiscated following the 1994 war.
If you truly believed in democracy, why do you refuse establishing dialogue with the YSP since 1994 until today? If you were concerned about the protection of human rights, why haven't you taken a clear and serious position concerning the Islamic fatwa authorizing mass murder, infidelity accusations, and the slaughter of innocent people? Yet the fatwa is still effective till today.
If the intentions behind starting such an activity -the international conference- are to export democracy and human rights out of the country, then the local political arena is in dire need for it more than the Europe or the international community. This is needed for our country to earn credibility and respect of others.
This is what we hope for and wish from the bottom of our hearts