ReflectionsAssasinating Islam:Iraq’s Mysterious Brutes “Les Affreux Misanthropes Mysterieux” [Archives:2004/770/Opinion]

September 6 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

The grisly scenes of the savage beheading of innocent Nepalese workers amongst others and the idiotic insulting capture of French journalists serves only to kill Islam at its core as well as its related tenets. What will Iraqi resistance gain out of such Stone Age tactics.
Americans have just discovered new planets outside the Solar System and Muslim fanatic brutes are practicing Stone Age manual killing in Iraq. Don't they know that they just bring calamities shame and disgrace to Islam and the Muslims in general? Is this Islam? What is even more distressing is the sheer pretext they're clutching to, with regard to the French journalists.
I am so intrigued, are the perpetrators real Iraqis or for that matter real Muslims? Please, don't tell me this is true! Unfortunately, I cannot deceive myself more than that, they most probably are. They most certainly are products of fanatic religious teaching. They're merely showing us a bit of their delicacies and how they shall rule if ever they seize power.
Far be from it! If the perpetrators are Muslims, they are everybody's enemy anywhere. They are first and foremost enemies of the Arabs and Muslims. Many people still come up with the Idea that MOSAD and CIA are behind all of this.
Based on my humble assumption I don't think that such accusations are fathomable. Although, I disapprove of Israeli racism and their maltreatment of the Palestinians, fanatics in Iraq are equal if not worse.
Such actions and deeds are like bullets hitting the living heart of Islam and do project it as a religion of brutes. I remember that, Uday, the son of the Iraqi deposed president threatened prior to the American invasion of Iraq that he would behead American soldiers.
What I see now is merely poor Nepalese laborers and multi-national truck drivers being killed and beheaded savagely. Even American soldiers must and should not be treated this way if captured because this is not Islamic at all.
Do they think that with such primitive inhumane tactics they can force the American out? They are so naive because if they were like this everyone around the world would like them to be wiped out first before the Americans do get out. If there is a good aspect in the American invasion, I think it is getting rid of Saddam and showing us the true color of political Islam. Political Islam is being controlled by Stone Age mentality everywhere and anywhere.
Such Muslim Barbarians are not the first, for there were also Christian, Jewish and Indian Barbarians and indeed are still there, preparing for their turn. The world in general should stand against all types of fanaticism of any kind. In order to avoid accusing the Americans and Israelis unnecessarily, the Americans and the Interim Iraqi government must show us proofs and confessions of such human-like animals? If these terrorists are real courageous men why don't they fight the Americans face to face in the battlefield.
Even France which stood against the occupation and whose people are sympathetic with the Palestinian cause are being paid back ignominiously? In fact everybody is surprised what will we gain from gaining French animosity? Muslims in France are guests either they behave like guests, assimilate or else leave politely. Nobody wants a guest to order him about in his own house.
Iraqi Fanatics by this behavior are calling for French animosity and are declaring themselves as staunch allies of Monsieur Jean-Marie Le Pen, Haider, Sieg Heil! and the rest of the European Heil Hitler-like culture as seen in some parties here and there including, Danish and U.K's nationalist party.
I am writing this and I have not heard about the developments regarding the French hostages. If anything happens to them it is a true calamity and a true disgrace.
I think that the experience has proven that oppression makes people turn to religion but what is more intriguing is how such nations are reticent about their locally made oppressors. The botched rescue attempt of children in Northern Ossitia falls upon the shoulders of the Russian government.
The Chechen problem should not and virtually cannot be linked to international terrorism albeit Arabs are being inserted in Russian futile declarations. The Chechens have been fighting for their independence for more than 300 years now and many of them have fled around the world. Putin is acting in a Stalinist manner trying to force his will on people hating to become part of the Russian Federation.
Chechens and Palestinians are oppressed people and one can understand their positions. Islam here is merely used to raise the spirits of the fighters but is not in itself an objective. It is like Bosnians when they were forced to assert their being Muslims due to Serbian carnage of poor non-observant Muslim Bosnians. So, it is unwise for the world to link the Chechen problem with international terrorism.
Chechens have none to help them and are being ready to receive any assistance from anywhere including Al-Qaeda Devil.
If the kidnappers are Arabs and humans they shall set the French journalists free but if it is proven through Bin Laden and his aides, that he / they have ordered slaying the hostages, Arab governments should send their armies to get rid of these harmful pests because they are damaging Islam and the Arabs more than anything else.