ReflectionsBreeding Fanatics, The Jewel Offspring and the Culture of BaseejSirralkhalta i.e. the “Secret Formula” [Archives:2004/766/Opinion]

August 23 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Myself, like many Yemenis, denounced the government for its arbitrary arrests of the youth shouting “Death to Israel” Death to USA”. This is because, we thought that this is merely a reflection of the crimes committed by the Israelis against Palestinians and shamelessly endorsed by the USA. But later discerned that such maniacs are in for a holy war against the state, against reason and against the era we are living in. They want to die so that they can credulously win paradise where they were made to believe that they would willow in eternal luxury (who on earth would refuse eternal life with abundant Milk, Honey, Wine and Seventy Gorgeous Lassies for each and every martyr dying in defense of the jewel offspring).
Shiite Islam, is known as a wayward version from mainstream moderate Islam and its secret formula lies in the alleged lineage to the prophet who passed away without leaving any male children. For political reasons and so as to monopoly power or attain a higher status came such a fake lineage.
Indeed in Yemen, this was utilized by the Persians in order to maintain their privileges from which they were threatened to be dispossessed. So this is why they go on against reason. Also, we must not forget that inheritance in religion is deeply ingrained in the human Psyche and that can be easily grasped when looking back at preislamic religions and the religions still practiced nowadays by other humans in the jungles of Africa and South America. In fact, a man like Ibrahim Ben Ali Al-Wazeer- who is living in the USA- has not been affected yet by the extent of human advance in the USA after more than 30 years of residency and still pitifully believes that he is the one and only because he comes from a celestial spiritual jewel as you shall see below.
I have also been intrigued by “Al-Sadr phenomenon in Iraq” because the man came out of nowhere and tended to believe that the Americans were behind him at the start but later found out from listening to the news and reading papers that someone else is standing behind him.
The same applies on Al-Houthi and his fellow minded Yemenis. Anyhow, while I was riding the other day on a minibus I heard a 14 years old boy opposite me telling another one next to him that he has just gotten his graduation certificate from “Badrr center”. The other one asked him where was such a center and what privileges did it offer. The boy answered that, studies and board were on the account of a certain man named “Al-Mahatwari”.
When he took out the certificate in order to show it to his peer I took a glimpse of a fascicle titled ” The Islamic History” in a distinct writing. Under the title I read: ” The Prophet peace be upon him, Ali, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain Peace be upon them all”.
Out of curiosity and due to what is taking place in Saada and in Najaf by the Shiite fanatics I asked him to please let me have a look . He gave me the fascicle. I opened it expecting to read an objective subject matter dealing with Islamic history but was startled to read a concocted Hadeeth (i.e. supposititious sayings of Prophet Mohammed) The saying goes on to say that almighty Allah (from IEL i.e. God in Semitic Languages such as Karbiel and Gabriel) created a Jewel from his spirit and broke it into two halves, one half dwelled by the offspring of Abdullah i.e. Prophet's father and the other half for the offspring of Abutalib i.e. uncle of the prophet, the father of Ali.
Then, the almighty ordained that Mohammed becomes his prophet and Messenger and Ali with his offspring become the Custodians after the prophet till doomsday”. The student seems to be from outside Sana'a and as I had to descend because I reached my destination I sufficed myself with quick flicking. A serious question is raised here, who is behind such a center and why did the state permit it to be built on a public property. If the state is behind such “Superstition Teaching Centers” for political reasons, it is now reaping its crop in Saada. If religion is important in non-Arab countries, it is everything in the Arab World and playing with religion is playing with fire.
Who is financing such centers and what sin did the young people commit to let them join these dens of evil and later meet the destiny of the misled fanatics who are now dying in Saada for mere nonsense aided by some tribal sheiks who in the day declare allegiance to the state and shift allegiance in the night just like in the first days of “26th September revolution” keen not to miss worldly interests and are intent to maintain their clandestine religious conviction. Don't we know that the so-called “Al-Houthi” in Saada merely represents a HISTORIC LIE whereby Yemeni Persians saved themselves from Alshaibani's wrath after foiling the Barmakide Attempt. This Lie is only compared to the ETHIOPIAN LIE in that Ethiopia is the original land of the Kingdom of Sheba, the evidence is available in history, customs, traditions, names, customs etc. and Yemenis are not idiots for they kept fighting this sinister lie and are still adamant.
The poor youngster fanatics in Saada seek redemption and are being redeemed by the ignorant inheritors of the said fib. The president once said:
” ne should not breed a serpent lest he becomes its victim ” and this is what is happening due to the permission for books issued by “Imam Hussain Foundation in Qum, Iran” to invade the market for I saw with another student a book about “Enjoyment Marriage” published by the same foundation and is authored by a man named ” Mohammed Takki Alhakeem” and bearing the word “Gift” and the stamped address of the foundation in addition to a Magazine titled Al-Husseiniah containing a saying: ” If you weep or merely sob for Alhussein's death in Karbala, the paradise is guaranteed for you in the hereafter”.
So the Shiite fanatics in Saada are fighting under the title ” Death to Israel and Death to USA” because they believe that the ignorant rogue Alhouthi comes from the Jewel thing and he is their redeemer. They are wishing to die under his flag because he has given them “Indulgence Deeds” just like Al-Khomeini's Baseej who used to die in swarms during the first gulf war. Shiite Fanaticism is detrimental to Arabs and Muslims and represents less than dust specks with regard to Israel or USA.
Truly such an Islamic school is a malignant carcinoma whose remedy is only successful by elimination because it is even detrimental to the land and the plants and is worse than nuclear waste. Again, the insurgency is Hadaoist and Persian-based not a home-made Zaidi one as wrongly proclaimed.