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September 13 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

One night as I was watching T.V, I was extremely thrilled and appalled at the same time to watch some broadcasts of a seminar held about the history of a certain Arab country situated in the Arabian peninsula. The convening historians kept repeating the phrase ” The uman Being”.
The relevant state was merely founded as such during the later half of the past century. Different Arab and foreign historians attending the said seminar did not spare any of their efforts to assert that the historical human being of that diminutive entity was civilized and left many relics behind and so forth of the usual complete mumbo-jumbo and applesauce.
I wondered how could such historians utter that nonsense just because they were in need of some money. They are using their knowledge to defraud instead of telling the truth wherefore they can earn everybody's respect. Then came another funny joke, the civilization of the Northern Arabs compared to the civilization of the Southern Arabs.
They were speaking about regions, which formed part and parcel of the ancient Yemenite civilizations Main, Sheba, Hazramavt and Himiyar. It is very funny when I kept waiting and waiting for them to mumble something about the relics and the times of such civilizations but instead listened to prevarications solely uttered in order to please the officials of the country hosting the seminar.
I do not know if the participants were ordered to limit themselves to subjects already specified by the host country or from past experience they found out that speaking like that shall earn them approbation of the officials hosting that futile seminar.
An unbiased honest reader of the history of the Arab peninsula shall for sure know that the current population of the Arab peninsula belong to one race and are speaking one language. In remote past the strongest entity in the peninsula extended its control on most if not all the area now consisting of the Gulf States in addition to modern day Yemen.
During the past two centuries the U.K in its capacity as the last occupying power of the peninsula divided the different regions in line with its motto “Divide and Rule”. It is pitiable to hear the said historian now and again repeat the so and so human being dwelled here in ancient past and excelled in so and so without referring to the virtual civilizations which existed, neither closely nor remotely.
The human beings referred to were coined such political names synthetically a few decades ago. Why don't they speak correctly about the history of the area. The said seminar had shown that the rulers think that they have become custodians of the historty of their realms and are as such owners of the destiny of the people they are ruling. Thus, they decided to write and inerpret history according to their whims.
They do not discern that such lies would earn them disrespect and derision by anybody knowing a bit of information about the past. Why in order to know our news we have to listen to the outlanders and why if we want to know our true past we have to obtain it from non-natives.
What is even more ridiculous is forcing the population to change their habits and traditions so that they can be in uniformity with their fellow citizens. In some cases they have been forced to relinquish their traditional costumes and traditions and often had to change their lineage in order to suit the Northern Arabian heresy.
Known Qahtanites have dubbed themselves Adnanites so that they can have a better status. What do they think, do they think that taking such measures shall efface the parameters of several thousand years of uniform history. Even books were interpreted in a way serving the goals of the rulers. Thank god ! There are still people enamored with the search for the truth. Denial of the past shall not serve the present times or futuristic times. The truth only shall lead us all towards the right path.
A correct interpretation of the past is very necessary for a stable present. Why don't we write true history. The populations of the Arabian Peninsula are one people speaking one language and are ethnically the same. Telling the truth will not make an entity overpower the other because each entity must be respected and claiming historical dominance is impractical.
Mutual interests and cooperation must be the goal of everybody. Fake history hurts later in time whilst true and real history enables us to envision our future properly and our judgements become more practical rather than fictitious.
So let us, highlight the turning points and name things with their true names. Luckily nowadays none can monopoly the facts, as the world has become closer due to the continued advance in technology.