ReflectionsMARD PAR AMRICA MARD PAR ISRAEL”Jane Novak a docile pupil of a monkey monk” [Archives:2005/846/Opinion]

May 30 2005

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Jane Novak unfortunately has fallen as a victim to the allegations of the Houthists. Dear Jane Novak, this is not in defense of Ali Abdullah Saleh or in defense of the Yemeni influential people who are in control of Yemen at the moment. You should know the thoughts of the Houthists whom you naively defend. They do consider Yemenis other than themselves as insects and dung because they do not belong to the mythological two tummies. To them their enemies are the Yemeni people who do not believe in their primitive backward sect, the devil and then Israel and America. They do not believe in democracy and they want us to be slaves as we were before 1962 revolution. I am not defending America or Israel because they know how to defend themselves. If Houthists consider non-tummyists insects and dung, their Slogan is: ” Death to America, Death to Israel” copied from the Iranian Fanatic Slogan ” Mard Par Amrica Mard Par Israel” in other words they are implementing an Iranian agenda in Yemen. So, if you like racists and backward people and is enamored with the use of a backfiring gun, then it is your business and Americans cannot fall victims to a mentally retarded monkey like Al-Wazeer the Tabaranist (a native of Tabaristan in northern Iran) who has not learnt yet after all those years of stay in USA to look at the world and humanity from a different developed perspective but is still narrow-minded thinking that he is a descendant of a sublime extraterrestrial jewel and other Yemenis are dung-descendants. Some women like being battered and it is only natural that there are other women who are for predators. If you do not believe me, you are welcome in Yemen to read their thoughts and ideas so that you can have an unbiased opinion and I am ready to meet you if you so wish.

I have received many messages criticizing me for attacking Al-Hassani who as they say has legitimate gripes. Everybody should know that I am not against his criticism of the rulers but I am completely against him when he accuses all northerners as a foreign occupation of the south and that the South is “South Arabia” not “South Yemen”. If Mr. Hassani speaks for all Yemenis north and south I am with him. Furthermore, Mr. Hassani is not that clean to speak about anybody because he is red-handed and an opportunist all along. If he gets my advice he would have been stronger and more convincing and thanks god he did not.

An intelligent reader of my articles would know that I am not siding with anybody, simply because I am an independent and a mere normal simple and humble citizen and I am not going to change my line or way of thinking due to false allegations of this and that, who are color blind. Mr. Hani Sharei who is to me a known Houthist believing that Yemenis who do not belong to the Batnain (i.e. two tummies) are dung and insects says in his letter to YT that I have sold myself to the devil i.e. the Yemeni Regime. Mr. Sharei knows very well that the Houthists are still in control of Yemen South and North and that they are like chameleons, ungrateful like cats and sinister like vipers for although they constitute 10% of the population, being of Persian stock and are in control of 80% of Yemeni fertile land and capital. They are the rulers, the opposition and the clergy and are still complaining being oppressed while they are the oppressors. Moreover, if I were a beneficiary of the state coffer, I would not live miserably, use public transport and have to contend day and night in order to make ends meet.

Finally, I am with all those Yemenis who call for an overall change and who defend all Yemen and speak for all Yemenis without regional or sectarian distinctions. I am not with those who derive sanctity and supremacy from religion like Mr. Hani Sharei or those who because they lost their interests like Hassani call selfishly for the re-partition of Yemen. If after all this you think this is like selling oneself to the devil then, I am for it.