ReflectionsOn the occasion of the new scholastic yearIt is time to give credit to our teachers [Archives:2004/778/Opinion]

October 4 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

I am not sure if much has been said in this matter but time has come for us to look at teaching seriously.
As previous reports have confirmed, last years' semester hasn't been much of a good one for our students. Most of them, boys in general, either failed or produced low-grade marks.
The cause behind such results are either of the two: lack of studying harder or inadequate teaching .All in all both are to blame and to resolve such problems and to make our children the best they can be is to teach them to study harder and take life much more seriously taking in account that the world is developing in a more faster rate as it is the age of science and technology.
Teaching must be developed so that we can bear fruit well equipped for the new generation but such development cannot take place if it is not taken seriously by both the Government and the Ministry of Education which should go over the reasons of such problems within the domain of teaching, whether inadequate teachers or failures among students. Unfortunately many students complain of their teacher's lack of explanation during class or lack of co-operation when asked questions. Also to blame are the crowded classrooms that must be solved by the educational committee but sadly some teachers don't bother making much effort in their work because of the low income they receive .As goes the saying: If you're paid well you'll work well, and maybe even better taking pride in your job and taking a glimpse of today's living standards no one is to blame as the rocketing prices are making anyone unable to put up with the daily expenses in life, mostly leading one to take a part-time job to cover the extra living expenses and there is no doubt that when we study teaching we find that it is a very tough job that needs wisdom ,courage ,patience and a big heart to cope with the different kinds of characters you'll meet almost every day of the week .A Job which is honored in every developed country and which should be honored here in Yemen not just with words and poetry but with implementation for making better teachers and better students .Teachers must have their rights for better pay so they can concentrate more on their work with students. Unfortunately, to what is happening today foreign teachers love to come and work in Yemen because they receive payment in dollars and so considered better than our own teachers just because they are foreign which is unjust and unfair .If our local teachers were encouraged and given a raise or a promotion they will sure do the best for our children as they will not have to think of their daily worries of expenses. That would be solved.
Also, we must teach our teachers of how to deal with students of every age group with their mentalities. Also qualified teachers must be chosen to boost the level in our education. Schools must collaborate with parents so as to understand the character of the pupil and make the task easier.
If such was to happen then we will have a hope of a better future for our children and catch up with the rest of the developing countries.