ReflectionsSana’a University’s rotten routine, Al-Houthi’s Mokhnadari mission & the rivers of honey [Archives:2004/758/Opinion]

July 26 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Knowing that formalities in Yemen take ample time more than is supposed to be necessary I charged one of my friends with the task to extract my Cardboard University Graduation certificate.
Upon his arrival at the office of the university's competent employees, he was asked to bring an original copy of my academic record and my Identity Card amongst other documents. They told him that the original document was old-fashioned and that he should get a newer one. He told them well take this original copy, compare it with your records and issue the newer type. They asked him for fees, which he immediately paid and believe it or not it is now more than three months and still the certificate is not extracted yet.
I wonder what is the miracle behind such dillydallying and careless nonchalant conduct exercised nowadays at the university by the lowest employee all through to the highest administrators. Strangely enough, this was not the case a decade ago where even university teachers were far more qualified by miles. It would seem that Sana'a University instead of being improved does continue its pitiable deterioration.
The Education Quality and behavior towards its visitors are urgent problems, which do need to be addressed.
Everybody is astonished at the resistance put up by Al-Houthi followers, for now, a month is about to complete without the quick defeat people expected. Many local observers attribute such fierce resistance to the inoculation of false theological information in the minds of adolescent youngsters (Alqaeda Technique), whom this rogue convinced that their death is far more better for them than their present dismal transient life because according to him they shall be considered martyrs and thus shall deserve the reward of Paradise where in addition to the usual delicacies of rivers of wine, Milk and honey each and every one of them shall be rewarded with 70 gorgeous lassies.
This is why the followers have been heard chanting this Zamil or chant:
Mum do not lament my death for my martyrdom is my goal.
I prefer death to reneging my convention with the Imam.
I am pleasantly sacrificing my self for My Beloved Houthi .
Let that who feels happy about it, have it and that who feels angry from my action have it too (i.e. I do not give a damn).
It is stupid when we mock the lies spread amongst Yemeni Jews prior to their immigration to Occupied Palestine in that they shall eat Apples and Oranges near to their windows, when we have more extravagant promises.
The above incitement chant reflects the degree to which the minds and small brains were charged with superstitious nonsense. They do not know that they are dying for a bogus Imam who himself is a victim of an age-old lie or else he would not have embarked on this Mokhnadari Mission.
If we can find a justification for Palestinian suicide missions in that Palestinians are being pushed to the extreme by the relentless Israeli oppression we cannot find justification for those committing suicide in defense of an outsider who cannot substantiate his being an Arab let alone being the Messiah/Mahdi or its preliminary flambeau bearer.
Arabs and Muslims nowadays are facing the challenge, either to adapt with modern times or relive “European Middle-Ages style life” a thing which cannot be achieved nowadays due to the huge development in human life.
Extremist Shiites believe that god created the Universe, Humanity and everything for the service of whom they term People of the Cloth (Referring to an alleged incident where prophet Mohammed shrouded himself and his daughter Fatimah's family consisting of Ali her husband and the Children Al-Hassan and Alhussein). They always chant that Ali is the Deputy of God on planet earth (i.e. Waliulah), that Ali's children Al-Hassan and Hussein are God's chosen ones and their mother Fatimah is to God the Best Woman ever. Credulous followers ignore that they are nothing when compared to two billion Chinese, and more than One Billion Indians. This racism does not exist in Sunni Islam, albeit Sunnis can be very harmful indeed because they have their own out of place beliefs and just look at the incident of setting a Stereo Shop in Aden on fire because its sells songs and provides internet service which they consider contrary to their ideas and beliefs.
In brief Islam and Muslims are at the crossroads, either to interact with the times or recoil with their medieval mentalities whether they be Shiites or Sunnis.