ReflectionsThe Arab Impasse, Magna CartaIndian Lesson, ISRAPAL or two viable states [Archives:2004/740/Opinion]

May 24 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

During the few past days I was delighted by the performance of the Indian Democracy. I was moved by Sonia Ghandi's decision to refuse assuming premiership and was equally delighted by the civilized recognition of defeat by Vajpaee and his BJP party. The Indian experience is remarkable and although it is an Indian Product, one cannot deny that it is following the footsteps of western democracies. Furthermore, it has received and is receiving western approbation and blessings. Secular India proved to be the solution and right path for the subcontinent and just let us imagine how horrible it would have been if India was ruled constantly according to Arab and other Third World Countries' norms.
Today's Arab world was first named as such by colonialist Britain which was then vividly conscientious about its irreplaceable components (i.e. cultural, religious and the human variety). Britain also sponsored the foundation of the Arab league (why not an Arab Union instead?). Prior to British and French colonialism of the Arab World, Turks as heirs to the Islamic Empire ruled most of the area and were coerced to surrender, once and for all following their anticipated defeat during the First World War. During their occupation tenure, Britain & France reared up hereditary entities and did not teach them to be democratic because that was way out of their concern to reform or do good free of charge for countries considered simply by them then as mere preys (Divide and Rule). Both colonial powers were far more advanced and were rather complacent and proud, given their advance in all fields. To end such pride and false complacency Adolf Hitler taught them a lesson. Both countries were humiliated and began later to be more rational, less racist, humane and composed and what more the Americans wore their boots and replaced their hegemony in the Arab World and beyond.
Following Second World War, revolutions in Arab countries broke out against those servile entities, which were sponsored by the two colonial powers. The emerging republics were luckily assisted by the Soviets, who contributed a lot in enlightening and coaching them later in all fields. Ironically enough most of the emerging republics named themselves “democratic” and they were completely totalitarian. Now USA marginalized and replaced the two Old colonial powers with regard to the Arab world. The matter of succession to power was always subject to intrigues and mostly bloody coups d'etats were the norm. Such coups d'etats were either dubbed pro American or Pro Soviet. While Arab Monarchies kept closer relations with the west and are still maintaining their stagnant policies with regard to governance.
Fifty years or so now have past and such republics still face the same dilemma of power succession. Each president knows for sure that if he cedes power the new one will just be the same dictator or worse. None of them has ventured to make real democracy and transparent elections. Bourguiba declared himself an all life president until he was overthrown by his interior Minister, South Yemen underwent party and tribal strife for sake of Power coveting while North Yemen underwent several coups d'etats. President Sadat of Egypt would have never given power to Mubarak if he were still alive. Other republics consider themselves of a lesser standing in comparison with other Arab Countries and so they say who are we to be first and excel other far more developed Arab brethren who are still non-democratic. So decoration democracy is the solution and there is no problem constitutions can be tailored whimsically as per need. In this respect I still recall a cartoon in News week following the Tragic death of Bassel Assad joking about Syria, its constitutional amendment and the subsequent succession. Americans and Europeans know everything about our illnesses and instead of taking proactive attitudes they joke joyfully about our miseries. The Arab man of the street accuses America, France and Britain of sponsoring dictatorships because dictatorships are more beneficial to them; they steal Arab funds and stuff them in their European and American bank accounts (namely Banks owned by Jews who are naturally sympathetic to Israel). Moreover, Arab dictators are the surest safety valve for the existence of Israel, in that in order to protect their seats they have to protect the borders of the newly manufactured synthetic state dubbed “Israel”, called as such after an ancient Semitic Tribe which has to do more with current Arab Muslims than today's Jews who are merely phony Hebrew silhouettes if not, let them just pronounce Hebrew words properly so as to prove their ethnic affinity let alone their alien complexions and features. In brief, they are not real Hebrews but a fake Nazi sinister produce.
9/11th has proven that backward royal and republican dictatorships in all the countries of the Arab World are but an immense factory of terrorism against the west due to poverty and injustices.
USA and Europe in order to substantiate their frequent slogans in that they are for Democracy and for Human rights in the Arab World and so that we can believe that they are true friends wanting our good not merely usurping our “goods”, must now interfere proactively by calling for the implementation of “Induced democracy formula solution” so that the countries of the region can have new hopes and believe that Americans and Europeans are good doers not malignant invaders and evaders. Kuwait and Egypt are the Two Arab Countries which are ready to become fully fledged democracies with a Euro-American proactive backing by simply declared clear-cut disapprovals of the status quo and ceasing their usual cajoling policies. USA and Europe are today morally obliged more than any time before to assist Arabs prepare an all Arab secular “Magna Carta” in order to move forward. It is false and impractical to reckon upon homegrown democracy development and the rest of the inefficient justifications. Obviously, stages can be burnt and the British “Arab League” formula must be called instead the “Arab Union” after the European Union as was suggested by many Arabs and recently by Yemen's president. The an all-Arab Magna Carta (Spanish Style) must be applied in all the Arab countries and be deposited in the UN where if amendments are to be made an all-Arab plebiscite must be conducted under UN supervision.
This favor, of a Euro-American proactive attitude is a favor for America itself and Europe in the first place and shall for sure receive Arab gratitude sooner or later. On the other hand Israel should seize the moment and sign agreements with the current Arab entities, because despite current Israeli power, wealth and Euro-American unconditional support, the world has become cognizant with the sordid daily criminal acts perpetrated a la Nazi against the helpless oppressed Palestinians and if “Israpal” is not feasible the viable two states solution should be put in place as soon as possible for the sake of Israeli future generations if they want to be real “Rakhmanim Bani Rakhmanim” as they allege themselves to be.