ReflectionsTrying Saddam’s devils is a pressing and an absolute necessity [Archives:2004/725/Opinion]

April 1 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Evidence is being collected to indict Saddam, and that can be done without even trying due to his numerous idiotic blunders, but what about his acolytes? What about his disciples, minions and lackeys? They are now enjoying the harvest of their ill-deeds with impunity, while their boss is rotting in jail.
The Iraqi Intelligence files and records were strewn and displayed for open sale following the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq and many horrors were revealed. Videos, files etc. all testified and gave incontestable evidence against the recently-overthrown typical Arab oppressive regime (most of the finds involved state crimes against the citizenry). The prices of those files and pieces of evidence and proofs varied according to the contents of the files, records, pictures etc. from hundreds of dollars to thousands according to the highest bidders' interest. Such documents and evidence are equivalent to what is available in the other tyrannical Arab regimes (indeed all Arab States are equally developed in this aspect and slight differences are insignificant). To everybody's surprise, this is the only field where you can find tangible Arab cooperation and truthful exchange of expertise and information.
A good example should be set by collecting evidence against the heads, ears and hands through which Saddam and his lot were able to usurp the humanity of the Iraqi human being. I am 100% sure that the USA did not come to liberate Iraq or to establish democracy as proclaimed but rather had its own agenda which will be unfurling in the days to come when the electoral rivalry between the democrats and republicans boils over (I remember reading an Interview with Peres in Newsweek two or three years ago in which he referred to an American promise to invade Iraq). But, now that the Americans have become involved in the Iraqi quagmire, it has become their obligation and duty to act on behalf of humanity by uncovering the atrocities perpetrated and punishing those involved, for perhaps the other replicas might learn the lesson, although hopefully not as Gaddafi of Libya seems to have done (i.e. the “just bribe em! Moyen”?), because in my opinion they are all still complacent about their day-to-day actions and rely blindly on their accustomed American stereotype. So, above and beyond trying Saddam the world is eager to see his accomplices and the Iraqi people can have a dominant say in this, for they were the ones subjected to the injustices and humiliations of those verminous animals.
Unfortunately, up until now the other Arab regimes have been extremely obstinate and refuse categorically to introduce any tangible reforms whatsoever. Indeed, skiving off the Tunisia Summit attests to this sad reality. The stagnancy and the non-productivity of the current Arab system involves more poverty, further corruption and the disciples, minions and lackeys of the regimes are thriving and getting richer by the minute, and believe it or not they are all the same, for slight differences here and there are of little significance, if any. They are getting richer and haughtier while the Arab man-in-the-street is getting poorer. Poverty has been proven to be the real factory of extremism in the Arab World. Many out of despair are ready to embrace any doctrine and the most attractive whipping boy is the American and Zionist conspiracy and hence they do not hesitate to join any organization vowing to liberate the abode of Islam from the evil intentions of the West.
Arab regimes claim that development should be home-based, but with the way things are going at present, millions of years shall pass by without any damn change whatsoever, except towards the worse. Oil is an American priority, undoubtedly it is true, but the Americans cannot escape from their moral and matter-of-fact duties. It is better for the Americans and the British to strike deals with democratically elected governments rather than with dictators, as is the case in Libya nowadays. People of the world are beginning to notice that USA and Britain are interested in oil and gains and are exploiting other excuses to achieve their ends i.e. they are being very Machiavellian in their approach. In a nutshell, the visit of Blair to Libya is a farce if the Libyan Megalomaniac continues in power and no changes are introduced for the long-repressed Libyan people. Other dictators will just think that they can still go on with their ill-governance as long as they satisfy American and British desires for more oil and more concessions. Straightforwardly, this is a prescription for more extremism and more animosity towards the West. Some might say this is only a transitory stage and reform shall ensue, but if otherwise is proven, believe me all American and British claims shall come to nothing and the people of the Middle East will be convinced even more that countries like the USA and Britain are mere Machiavellian diabolical invaders caring about their own interests, and that they have no credibility concerning human rights, let alone the development of the region.
In my opinion, a transparent and democratic Middle East is a necessity and without practical intervention by the West the environment will be conducive to further violence and extremism. It is in the interest of America, Europe and Israel to have a democratic Middle East and this is the right time to do it, for the sake of everyone. Europe should have a stable, civilized neighbor and the African neighbors of the Middle East should see better role models next door.