ReflectionsWaiting for Godot or waiting for Jehovah (2-2) [Archives:2004/731/Opinion]

April 22 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Blackstone's petition draws its significance from the fact that it was prepared by Christians and preceded the Baale conference by six years. It designed the policy to be undertaken by future US presidents towards Jews. The American President Wilson was one of the most fanatical American presidents in favor of Zionism, due to his evangelical upbringing. He sought to fulfill the desire of Jehovah in returning the holy land to its Jewish people. He was an adamant supporter of the notorious Balfour Declaration. In 1922 the American administration and Congress ratified the Balfour Declaration. Christian Zionists formed organizations and societies aiming at exerting pressure on the US government in order to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Hence President Harry Truman in his famous speech on 4 October 1946 declared his approval of the UN partition plan for Palestine.
At the beginning, American Jews justified their calls for Congress to support Israel due to humanitarian, moral and ideological considerations. Later they promoted the concept that Israel is a front line reliable source of information and Israel was portrayed in the American media as an entity presenting the USA with precious and much needed military and strategic services. It is also to be noted that American Jews always participate effectively in American elections. In fact, 90 percent of them participate actively, compared to 50% of the normal American citizenry, who are unconcerned with the elections. The Jews also finance election campaigns through PACS which are offshoot committees of AIPAC (i.e. An extremist American lobby group working in favor of Israel), which is not allowed to finance the elections openly. The effectiveness of the Jewish vote and Jewish financing lies on its being based on a previously programmed scheme. In other words, they take the first initiative when it comes to voting or assisting any given candidate so the candidate feels grateful later, particularly if he is a new unknown personality. So despite their modest number and modest finances, the way they employ their means achieves considerable effects in their favor.
In states where there are no Jews, Jewish moneys are being utilized in order to either support or punish any given candidate. American Jews concentrate on the elections of congressmen, for through Congress they later guarantee support for assistance to Israel. A few months ago Colin Powel attended an AIPAC ceremony and despite the fact that I am a foreigner, I could not resist the feeling of being so ashamed to notice how humble and docile he seemed to be in the presence of a gathering which is standing behind the daily Israeli savagery towards non-armed helpless Palestinians, who out of utter despair have no other means except to sacrifice themselves as a last resort. Colin Powel declared subserviently the American administration's resolute will and determination to extend infinite support for Israel. How ignominious? Jews in America also control the media, CNN, New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek etc. and thus they do not hesitate to intimidate any American figure if he or she dares not to succumb to their demands. Many observers believe that the failure of George Bush senior in the 1992 elections was simply due to his decision to freeze loan guarantees for Israel and that this is an instance of the strength of the Jewish Lobby. Another crucial aspect for the American support of Israel is that most Americans feel obliged to help the Jewish state due to their cultural composition and American ideology, for Israel is part and parcel of western cultural heritage.
Christian Zionism in the USA has played a significant role in deepening support for Israel and has made that a constant policy of the administration and American society. Israel on its part has formulated a plan in 1978 in which it called for the encouragement of radical Christian churches and such a plan has proven its success by the ultimate formation of a Christian Zionist lobby named the “National Unity Coalition for Israel” which was inaugurated by Benjamin Netenyahu prior to his assumption of the premiership. (before I forget, Netenyahu in Arabic means “See how rotten he is”!?). Having read the above, let us see how much it costs American taxpayers to support Israel.
An American economist declared that up to 2003 the USA has given Israel three trillion United States Dollars. That is three thousand billions (i.e. US$3000,000,000,000.00) Simply three followed by twelve zeros. Others still think that this amount is yet less than the real presumed figure. Furthermore, Jewish Americans have always been at the forefront of the White House, e.g. the Clinton administration was brimful with Jewish figures such as Madeline Albright, Robert Robin, William Cohen, Dan Glickmann, George Tenet, Samuel Berger, Stuart Eisenstadt , Evelyne Liebermann, Charlene Barschvski, Susan Thomas, Joel Klein, Jean Sperling, Ira Magaziner,Peter Narnov, Alice Riveline, Janet Yeline, Ram Emanuel, Doug Sosnic, Jim Steinberg, Guy Fotlic, Robert Nash, Jane Scherborne,Mark Penn, Sandy Christoph, Robert Borstein etc. While Bush junior has got lots of Jews in his administration, to mention but a few: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, I. Lewis Libby, Dov Zakheim , Henry Kissinger, Kenneth Adelmann, Edward Luttwak, Robert Zoellick, David Frum, Robert Satloff, Elliot Abrams, Marc Grossman, Richard Haas, Ari Fleischer, Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim, James Schlesinger, Joshua Bolten, John Bolton and David Wurmser, whose wife Meyrav works for the Israeli Colonel Yigal Carmon in an institute known as MEMRI.
See you in the third part of this article which will clarify some of the aspects of Zionist American entente cordiale so that we can at least grasp a bit of the Mid-East crisis. To be continued.