ReflectionsWaiting for Godot or waiting for Jehovah! [Archives:2004/730/Opinion]

April 19 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Sipping my Coffee as usual at Moddhish Cafe a sudden discussion broke out between two individuals about the relationship between Zionism, Israel and the American statehood with regard to who has the hegemony over the other and who orders the other one about. In fact, I was puzzled by each of the two arguments.
The first alleged that Bill Clinton's scandal was authored and directed by none other than the Zionists and that this shows how much they have penetrated the organs of American statehood (referring to a Netanyahu menace to Bill Clinton prior to the eruption of the famous scandal in which an American Jewess was involved). He also noted that Americans embracing Judaism are being celebrated and promoted compared to normal Americans. He gave examples about famous Americans whom everybody used to believe were not Jewish such as Barbara Streisand, Fred Astair, Woody Allen, Larry King, Ted Turner etc.
The other individual responded that USA is a great nation and that Jews are just Jewish in religion and belong to their relevant ethnic groups, that Einstein the great scientist was indeed an ethnic German but hailed from a German family embracing Judaism and gave an example about today's Bosnians who are of the same race as the Serbs, but due to their religious affiliation they became declared enemies and that the Serbs exerted considerable efforts to exterminate the weaker Bosnians who happened to embrace Islam. He argued that the USA, in its capacity as the sole superpower, considers Israel simply as its springboard or front line base for expansion in the Arab World so as to exercise control over the oil-rich countries and consequently have power over all nations, namely the industrialist world.
After hearing such a discussion I decided to try and find out who is who, and which is which. Simply, whether USA is the master and Israel is its lackey or is it the other way round! In fact, I have come across lots of information related to this matter and I am intending here to share it with the readers and hope to receive their comments on the subject, because it is an intriguing subject just like the old argument of the scholars: which came first the chicken or the egg? Whether Zionism has benefits for humanity or is an evil that must be eradicated (recently a UN resolution criticizing Israeli settlements in the West Bank was vetoed by the USA and its protege Congo)?
Many people consider Zionist influence clearly active during the last half century and believe that it is continuing now with the arrival of the Neo-Conservatives. The Zionists now have become fully fledged and do not need any more a medium through which they can exercise their power. Realities on the ground indicate an anachronism in that USA has become Israel and Israel has become USA. The Neo-Cons seem unfulfilled in the expression of their Judaic culture, but are rather reckless in their political and military Judaism. The USA on October 01, 2003 vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on Israel to cease building the racist separation wall and is now exerting pressure on the Iranians to stop their nuclear project whilst Israel, which possesses a fully fledged nuclear capability and is considered undoubtedly a real threat to world peace, remains out of reach of any condemnation whatsoever.
The American Zionist relationship dates back prior to the establishment of Israel in the Middle East in 1948. In fact, it dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when the puritan movement in USA (termed Christian Zionism) called for the resettlement of Jews in Palestine and the establishment of a national homeland for the Jews, in other words the revival of the Kingdom of Israel as a preliminary step for the apparition of the “Messiah Kingdom”, because that presage precedes the second apparition of the prospective Messiah. Such radical Christian movements depend in their opinions on the reading of the Old Testament, whose axis is Israel and its chosen people. The creation of Israel, in Palestine, shall confirm the Pentateuch prognostications. Thus puritan movements in the USA mobilized public opinion with such Zionist beliefs. Hebrew names were borrowed for themselves, children and their settlements. They considered themselves the true Hebrews and their children as the children of Israel on their way to the Promised Land. They sent exploratory missions to Palestine and began building Jewish settlements in the middle of the 19th century to the extent that President John Adams (1767-1849) called in a letter to his Jewish friend Manuel Noah for the retrieval of the Jewish homeland in which he said “I wish to see again an independent Jewish nation in Judea”. The American priest William Blackstone exerted huge efforts in the service of the Zionist movement and published a book titled “Jesus is Coming” which was translated into 48 languages and was the second most extensively distributed book after the Bible in the 19th century. Then he founded in 1887 in Chicago an organization called “The Hebrew Mission on behalf of Israel”, which was considered by most as the first lobby group working in favor of political Zionism. William Blackstone's most significant efforts were represented in the petition he filed to the American President Benjamin Harrison on 5th March 1819, signed by 413 American high ranking figures, in which he asked him to use his influence in order to achieve the Jewish claims for the occupation of all historic Palestine as their ancient homeland. To be continued.