ReflectionsWaiting for Godot or waiting for Jehovah (Part 3) [Archives:2004/732/Opinion]

April 26 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

First off and before I start the third part of this article I would like to say a big hello to Mr. Mohammed Fareed Hassanain, a conscientious Egyptian Parliamentarian who during the past few days submitted his resignation out of despair at the failure to achieve the reforms he aspired to, out of respect for himself and his constituents. There are many of such good men who are unselfish but are unheard of, for example Faraj Bin Ghanim, a former respectable Yemeni Premier and Swar Al-Dahab of Sudan etc. Such people could have succumbed to their natural desires of acquiring worldly goods like their peers but in my opinion it is with more of such men that things can change if ever we still have a hope for a better future in this miserable region of the world.

Let us turn now to our main subject and that is the state of affairs between Zionism, Christian Zionism and the American Statehood. Christian Zionists believe that their number has reached now 500 million around the world and is still on the rise. All of them unequivocally believe in the inevitable legend of armageddon as a sign for the approaching cosmic apocalypse and the war between the powers of evil and the powers of good, silly as it is! But this is what they believe including His Holiness Bush! Hence Jews have saved no effort to encourage such senseless tendencies and thus Jews nowadays instead of getting their ends through their usual pressure methods, they are now decision makers in their own right and have succeeded to make the USA look through Israeli goggles achieving an anachronism in that Israel has become USA and USA has become Israel.
In my last article I expressed my extreme astonishment at the posture of Colin Powel during his attendance of an AIPAC event, but that astonishment faded when I came across a bit of information in the prominent Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post”, issue of December 8, 2000. It disclosed that even Colin Powel is of a Jewish background. The Israeli newspaper said that Colin Powel hails from a Jewish origin through his grandfather back in Jamaica, let alone that he was nurtured in a Jewish neighborhood of New York where he learnt Yiddish and is mastering the Yiddish language an exclusivity trait of Western Jews (i.e. German sprinkled with archaic Hebrew seasoning in addition to some borrowed Slavic words).
It is believed that most of the American media are either owned or run by Jewish individuals and today I am going to mention some of them, like NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC which possess more than 200 TV stations and has other associates such as CNBC and MSNBC. NBC and its associates reach 99% of American homes. The chairman of its news agency is Mr. Neil Shapiro, a well known Jew and its entertainment programs chairman is Mr. Jeffery Zucker, who is a Jew, too.