ReflectionsWho will take revenge? [Archives:2004/720/Opinion]

March 15 2004

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

Recently, another peace activist fell victim to the Israeli military's savagery.
Tom Hardly, a British peace activist was injured during his efforts to protect Palestinians and later died.
This time a Briton, and last time an American young woman whose head was beaten intentionally by an Israeli soldier driving a bulldozer, used to demolish Palestinian homes, amid the jeering of the other fellow Israeli soldiers.
Arabs are flabbergasted at the lack, or more accurately non-reaction by the British and the Americans despite the feral methods perpetrated against citizens belonging to the two powerful nations and close allies, who out of human dignity, chose to defend the poor downtrodden Palestinians.
Such sympathy by the peace activists in certain cases developed into love and consequent marriage, the last of which took place last February between an American young woman and a Palestinian.
These days, an increasing number of Europeans and Americans are awakening from the Zionist publicity stupor to discover the Israeli repulsive reality.
The world has become accustomed to the killing, slaughter, and daily humiliation of Palestinians, as if they have no value, mere pests deserving to be wiped out (and they dare speak about holocaust and Nazi Germany.. who is worse?)
But it never crossed my mind that An American Lady of European descent and a True Englishman's killing will be ignored and condoned, bearing in mind that if such a thing happened in a third world country, threats and intimidation will be directed against this or that country.
But when it comes to the Israelis who believe themselves ueber alles (i.e. extra special), no word of criticism is uttered. I have had the chance to meet many Europeans and Americans and all of them seem afraid and terrorized to raise the issue of the Israeli savagery lest they be labeled anti-Semitic, Nazis or fascists.
The Israelis have succeeded in dehumanizing and demonizing the Palestinians so people around the world see Palestinians killed, mistreated and if asked look how horrible this is, they respond, so what!
Palestinians carrying out suicide missions against the Israelis find themselves compelled to do so, as they have no other option and are being pushed to the extreme. They find themselves beyond doubt in a tight corner, and hence comes the only possible inevitable reaction. In other words further humiliation leads to the inevitable reaction.
The Palestinians have never refused to reach a compromise with the Israelis but the Israelis who came of different ethnic backgrounds, invented a concocted language (mostly borrowed from Arabic, Aramaic, Polish, Russian and some German) and revived memories of a tribe that ceased to exist more than two thousand years ago, are now vainglorious and do not want to budge an inch.
If they really mean peace East Jerusalem, must be the Capital of the future Palestinian State, settlements should be removed from Gaza and the West Bank (Biblical Judea and Samaria) and they should stop allegations that they have always been present in the land, for they neither were in the land nor in the Diaspora as they claim, simply because the Jews of this time and age are mere Jewish in religion, i.e. they are not Hebrews and my evidence is that all of them, save for Arab Jews, cannot pronounce Hebrew words properly and do that as complete aliens, which they are indeed, without the least prejudice at all on my part.
Time has come to stop deceiving the world, as the people of the world are more cognizant and Palestinians are not poor red Indians. In brief, if the Israelis mean peace they can have it, but they do not want to, because they reckon and boast American and European unconditional support.
Moderate Jews if necessary are being eliminated or at least intimidated if they ever dare speak out, look what happened to premier Rabbin.
The governmental policy of the Israelis is based on Talmudic and apocryphal claptrap looking down on all peoples and nations and hence the new Israeli generation grow up worse than the Nazis or the fascists because if you simply ask an Israeli youngster about a Palestinian or an Arab they shall respond with superciliousness and extreme disdain.
Is it not essential now, for the Israelis to teach their children to respect other human beings and to stop their primitive goiym policy, which considers people other than the Israelis inhuman and urges whatever is negatively possible against them whether they are Arabs or Non-Arabs?
The time has come to settle accounts with Israeli racism, which is not ashamed to keep blackmailing peoples with Second World War horrors such as Auschwitz, the gas chambers and so forth.
I do not deny that an extreme barbarism took place against the Jews in Europe but equally do think that lots of Russians, Polish and other non-Jewish people fell victim to the same barbaric acts of Nazi Germany.
Europeans should by no means feel indebted to the Jews because the Jews have equally killed and wiped out huge numbers of Palestinians. No future blackmailing, no visits should be made to Yad Vashim memorial because it has not taught the Israelis to be humane and are instead more ferocious. Don't you see the daily suffering of poor Palestinians? Don't you see racism at its extreme manifestations?
I should acknowledge that because it is inherent in Judaism to amass gold and moneys the people embracing Judaism have been able to control banks in Europe and America.
They are now masters of huge financial empires and many talented Jews and non-Jews are being utilized to promote the Jewish ideologies and beliefs.
In conclusion, I would like to point out that each and every coming day it becomes evident that the Zionist movement really rules the US, but steadily Americans like their fellow Europeans are beginning to awaken.