ReflectionsWhy I want to puke?UK’s Gaffe in Hosting Burros and Yemen’s Nuclear Bomb [Archives:2005/842/Opinion]

May 16 2005

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

British Blunder:

First, I would like to declare that I am a normal Yemeni citizen voicing my true opinion. I learnt my English through the British Council in the early eighties through British teachers such as Tim Mckintosh and many others whom I have forgotten and was later taught English Literature in Sana'a University by British lecturers such as Nicholas Linfield and Neil Bratton whom I owe a lot in mastering English as I do today. I look forward to a democratic Yemen where all Yemenis are equal and are judged by their qualifications and not their roots, sects or tribes. That I receive nothing from any one but do express my true ideas and conscience freely.

I am speaking within the allowed margin of freedom of speech and have never been harassed despite having criticized many negative aspects, but at the same time I cannot deny transgressions on the part of the government, if any, against others. I am feeling calm and have never pretended anything other than what I think is right. I have always had the idea that the British are careful in all they do, except if they want to be sinister. BBC, in an idiotic approach to the events of Yemen, called the events of Sadah an attack against Zaidis, which can be solely assumed either sinister, naive or idiotic on the part of the British.

The British can be forgiven for this misunderstanding because they either have idiotic spies or are continuing the old time propaganda, which they used to consume when occupying South Yemen in that they invigorated provincial Yemenite entities on the expense of Yemen's national identity.

Thank goodness that the southerners themselves ALONE kicked out the British and replaced the colonialist name “South Arabia” with “South Yemen”! If the British are intelligent enough NOWADAYS, they should know that the population of Aden under their occupation in the past were and are still northerners. Those speaking English in South Yemen apart from Yemenized Somalis and Indians are northerners namely from the Taiz region, Ibb and Al-Bayda. The unappreciative “Alhassani” and his followers come from the poorest area in Yemen, that offers the national economy nothing, but is the most consuming with its children holding key positions in the current government more than any other region. In fact, Abyan region is totally dependent on the water coming from my own region in Ibb Province. A Yemeni proverb goes as follows: “Beware of the evil of that whom you have aided and fed”. He is unfit and unauthorized to speak about virtually anything except going to the loo.

Yemenis in Britain are also northerners who had entered Britain through the British colonialist entities, which were established in the south. Hence, I stress that it is only natural for Britain to recognize reality and deal with Yemen as “One United Yemen”; otherwise, it shall absolutely and without the least doubt be a wretched loser due to paying no attention to the realities on the ground including its cultural impact.

Hosting Burros & why I want to puke?

Reading the literature of the so-called TAJ Movement, which claims freedom for south Yemen, I could not resist vomiting as these miserable living things do not know anything about Yemen's history at all. They themselves are ignorant criminals who ought to be tried for the thousands of people killed in the South. The president of Yemen is guilty because he offered them refuge in 1986 and is still feeding them on the expense of the people. Such people have no constituency in Yemen and are part of our backwardness. They reflect nothing because they are nothing but a load of crap. I call upon our government to submit their files to the Interpol in order to try them for their crimes against humanity. It was an idiotic step to appoint the abject an ambassador in Damascus where his warlord master still lives.

It should be remembered, that Southern revolutionaries kicked Britain out and replaced the British name “South Arabia” with the name South Yemen, in line with logic and real history. It must be remembered that southerners alone were the moving force towards the reunification of Yemen in 1990 and did establish a Military front named ” The National Front ” for the liberation of North Yemen from Tribal and Saudi hegemony. The said front until 1982 controlled almost half of North Yemen and many were killed due to that intervention with mines are still abundant killing animals and humans alike.

Once more, it was Ali Salem Al-Beedh, the Socialist Party Secretary General, a southerner himself, who insisted and called for an immediate unconditional merger despite hesitation by the northern president at the time and the current president of the two united Yemens whose names were replaced following reunification by the new name ” Republic of Yemen” as suggested by Blair's buddy Kadafi. The destiny of nations is not a game relying on the whimsical interests of individuals such as the war criminal Alhasani and his pitiable TAJ clique.

Yemen's Nuclear Bomb:

What makes me laugh is the fact that some of our southern politicians say about themselves that they are cultivated and illuminated and that their northern counterparts are less educated and ignorant! This has been proven as a wrong evocation, because the way they acted during the civil war of 1994 gave us the evidence that they are imbeciles and could not realize the realities on the ground, for before signing Amman accord the majority of Northern Yemenis were behind the Socialist Party more than the southerners who were already fed up with YSP i.e. Yemen Socialist Party. However, instead of meeting the aspirations of the people as a whole, they acted against them and opted for whimsical self-centered interests; simply they wanted to separate Yemen again.

Ironically, the late Jarallah Omar advised the Politburo that the Unity of Yemen is similar to a practical nuclear bomb and that whoever stands against it shall eventually be a loser if not annihilated, but they did not heed his advice nor did they value him in his life except following his shocking assassination. Again, this same opinion of late Jarallah Omar is still valid today, and this in fact what made Saleh win the battle all along. To conclude, I do not expect that Yemen's leadership has the stomach to adopt real democracy such as Indonesia, India or Israel without real assertive help and assistance from USA and Yemen's old colonial power the UK if they are indeed for democracy, although I still have my doubts concerning their real intentions namely when other more qualified Arab states are still until this day, behind Yemen. As we know Yemenis tend to follow their Arab brethren namely Egypt and Kuwait not to take the initiative themselves.