ReflectionsYemen’s fixation on the GCC and other irritants [Archives:2005/824/Opinion]

March 14 2005

By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

One is bewildered at the continued resolve by the Yemeni Government to join GCC countries. Naturally, joining the GCC is likely to provide some job opportunities. But it is by no means a cure to the ever-growing deterioration of law and order, namely the law and order pertaining to justice and equality which are predominantly negated by judging people by their connections and variable associations regardless of their qualifications or competence.

This is easy to understand when we know that the management of this country is based according to the famous example of putting the carriage in front of the horse, not the other way, as things are supposed to be.

On the other hand, despite the outward appearance of wealth by the scarcely populated, British-made happen Sheikhdoms, poverty is still widespread due to the non-existence of social security and modern management mechanisms. In fact, the same illnesses suffered by Yemen are still there, but at a lesser scale due to the available riches and the scarcity of population.

I remember reading an article by an economist in which he described GCC states as people staying in a five star hotel (i.e. they are guests in their own countries and every thing is done for them by imported foreigners). Indeed, nothing is being done to solve such problems, and believe it or not, if oil dries up, such countries shall stop to exist, for they are like castles on sand dunes. Some of the citizens are wealthy, but the majority barely make ends meet, because no system is in the works nor is it in the offing.

Spirits' ruler

The theological rulers of Yemen, who are in reality of Persian descent, had it as their policy to render all Yemenis ignorant. This was in order to digest their old time lie that they are the holy offspring of the Prophet Mohammed, and hence should be our Masters until doomsday.

So, being sure that he has eliminated most Yemenis who were still in their wits. The once upon a time Imam of Yemen, who ruled from 1948 -1962 declared himself as the exclusive paramount chieftain of the genies. And to test this, he ordered the people one day to soil their foreheads with tar so as to avoid the wrath of the genies who managed to escape his iron grip.

Within this context, I laughed vigorously last week when I read in Al-Balagh Newspaper that Luqman, the imprisoned judge, according to equitable witnesses had declared on more than an occasion that the President does not meet their sect's criteria for leadership, except in the masculinity proviso.

I read also in Al-Wasat that the father of the defunct insurgency leader Al-Houthi has again declared that Yemen must and ought to be ruled solely by the mythical alleged offspring of the two.

About the Old City's bridges

The rain waterway road going through the old city boasts nowadays having non-fenced bridges which seriously threaten the lives of pedestrians, namely kids. The mayor should order quick fencing so as to avoid unnecessary sad incidents. Or do we need accidents in order to react!

About Sana'a Radio

To tell you the truth, I rarely listen to Sana'a Radio or watch the Yemeni TV because I believe that both can have better performance if competition is allowed by privately owned radios and TV stations. This in turn shall encourage investment in local film and series industry, which is at present non-existent due to the usual failed state management.

For example, Arabian Peninsula history is being depicted from an illusory Arab point of view fitting the newly founded entities in films and series predominantly financed by them. On the other hand, some working at Sana'a Radio have complained to me from the administration's haughty conduct which is by no means equal to its predecessors. Furthermore, some poets complain about the premeditated disregard of their intellectual rights and that the radio has become regionally biased in this respect by concentrating on certain individuals from limited regions and ignoring others.

The missing Opposition

All that can be said about the Yemeni Opposition is that it is much ado about nothing. Reading their mouthpieces and seeing their conduct, you shall surely find that they are dismal. Whether this is due to alleged state impact, may be, but it is not by any means a justification for the status quo, e.g. the socialist party by the assassination of its Dynamo Assistant Secretary General became disorientated.

While The Nasserites are overwhelmed by opportunists, despite the reported positive changes of leadership and their representatives in state, institutions are predominantly soiled by corruption and theft of public money.