Response to Barkatullah Marwat [Archives:2003/691/Opinion]

December 4 2003

By David Welch
[email protected]

I have a few comments regarding the article of Barkatullah Marwat's article published recently in the Yemen Times.
“But one thing is crystal clear. During the Cold War, had the Muslims not supported US so generously….”
The Muslim countries supported which ever side profited them most, they sold themselves to the highest bidder just like the rest of the countries in the world.
“Surprisingly and ironically, soon after the disintegration of the USSR, the real face of the US appeared from behind her friendly mask, from which the Muslims were simply ignorant and oblivious. The Afghan Muhajireen along with their homeland (Afghanistan) were left short on their mercy.”
By this I suppose you mean that they were left to govern themselves in there own country, something that they had been fighting for over a decade. What would you say if immediately after the Soviets moved out the US had moved in? Would they have been seen in your eyes as being merciful?
No, you would have damned them if they did and now you damn them because they didn't. Where were the Muslim countries during all this, what did they do to help there Afghan brothers in their fight for liberty, Absolutely nothing.
“Likewise, the US also turned a blind eye to Pakistan, imposing sanctions on it for developing nuclear weapons.”
I suppose that you would advocate all countries having nuclear weapons? Muslim countries are powerless to put a break on nuclear proliferation. Thank God that some countries are willing to take it seriously and do something about it. Imagine if Iraq or Iran or had long range nuclear weapons, would you sleep sound in your bed?
“And finally, it decided to set eyes on the oil-rich resources of the Middle East.”
Sorry, I thought they were being paid for their oil, perhaps you could tell me when a single barrel of oil was stolen.
“Admittedly, one sad incident took place. That was the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Nobody knew, except the US, at whose request Saddam Hussain did that.”
Sad incident! , this is a little bit of an understatement. Saddam invaded Kuwait at the US request!? Which planet do you live on?
“A coalition of 32 allied forces came into being which was led by the US.”
Thank God they did. The Arab countries would have had neither the willingness or power do anything. The Arab counties own a debt of gratitude to the US and its coalition, if Saddam had not been stopped all the bordering states would have been at risk and you would now need an Iraqi visa to visit Mecca.
“It was quite ridiculous to see Iraqi forces, that had ended its almost 10-year long war with Iran, were not only deadly exhausted and tired but also needed to take a rest as well as mending the dents of their devastated economy!”
Poor Iraqi forces, I am sure they were very tired after killing half a million of their neighbors, but they still had enough strength to rape, pillage an murder the Kuwaitis
“Assuring them of full support, Saddam crushed their uprising mercilessly by killing thousands of them, but they miserably failed to see the US shipment. What a shame! I feel the dead are still cursing and yelling at the US for their unpardonable betrayal.”
Just a minute, didn't you just say “but amazingly, the US did not walk out of the region even when the dust of the Desert Storm settled down”
Do you want the US there or don't you want them there?
You say “What a shame!” I fully agree, but where were the shipments from the Arab countries, shouldn't they feel ashamed for not lifting a finger to help their Muslim brothers or is it just the US.
I am not going to continue picking holes in your article, there is no point. I fully support a free press and believe that it is right that people can voice there opinions. However I find hard to think that you actually believe what you have written, it is clearly aimed at poisoning the minds of the readers.
I am not a US citizen, and I am not anti Arab or anti Muslim, I have spent many years in the Middle East and three years in Yemen, Neither am I under any allusion that everything that the US does is right. There policy of supporting Israel what ever it does is a tragic mistake and the reasons behind the war in Iraq were clearly based on lies.
But the Muslim countries (and especially their journalists) have got to get off this hang-up of feeling persecuted and blaming everything on others. They need to take a hard look at themselves. Are they really helpless victims at the mercy of ruthless US policy? Or is a lot of the problems in there world of there own making?