Ruling party’s moral bankruptcy and JMP’s noisiness [Archives:2008/1193/Opinion]

September 25 2008

By: Mohammed Al-Shami
Although it is often said that Yemenis are classified among the most highly educated Arab and Islamic people, and that Yemen is among the few states to have adopted the democratic Shoura system as a system of governance during the Pre-Islamic reign of Queen Balqis, what we experience these days is totally different from what we often hear of Yemen and its past history.

I have read what most local newspapers have published and, in of them on the front pages, it said that Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) Chairman Abdulwahab Al-Anisi sympathized with ruling party spokesman Tariq Al-Shami.

I also read an article reporting that one of the JMP leaders said that the behavior of the ruling party spokesman in going to Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) premises confirmed that the authority is morally bankrupt.

A person sitting beside me was carefully reading the newspaper, without any attention to either the ruling party or opposition's failure or the latter's thirst for power. The man in question was reading a news story confirming Ramadan bonuses, which was then officially denied by the Ministry of Finance in the same newspaper.

President Saleh's most recent decision to approve Ramadan bonuses worth YR 25,000 for all government employees is a generous step during the holy month of Ramadan which deserves commendation and gratitude for being aimed at achieving social justice and equality for all without exception.

I won't talk about comments made on the Ramadan bonus before or after its approval by the government. Having seen an image published in, a Yemeni army-affiliated website, I have understood that it is a shame on those who deny people's sufferings and hardships.

JMP dialogues with itself

After my extensive reading of the various comments and criticism published in JMP-affiliated newspapers about what is called the “National Coalition””