Sa’ada fighting aftermath (1 of 2) [Archives:2008/1182/Opinion]

August 18 2008

Moneer Al-Mawri
I and others were enraged to hear the announcement of the most recent military appointments and transfers within the armed forces, which was accompanied by leaked information that the main reason behind this is failure of veteran army commanders to end the Sa'ada war.

In the meantime, most of the commanders, included in the reshuffle and exclusion, were never involved in the pessimistic war, specifically Commander of the Central Military Flank Al-Dhahri Al-Shaddadi, of whom the decision to dismiss coincided with the 14th Anniversary of his injury. That was in the 1994 Civil War.

I still remember that the injured Al-Shaddadi was taken abroad to receive treatment prior to entry of the army into Aden. This is true if my memory doesn't deceive me. The decision to fire Al-Dhahri and others from their military posts also coincided with the authority's celebrations on various occasions commemorating its victories.

I think that Al-Shaddadi committed no sin, nor has he something to do with Sa'ada War with the exception of his good relation with Gen. Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar.

Having read the story of dismissing Al-Shaddadi from his military post, I remembered another story related with the man. Despite the fact this story is not important, it deserves to be narrated. 'A few months ago, I received a telephone call from a close friend from Radaa, my home district, and that friend enjoys a good relation with the sacked military commander Al-Shaddadi.

My friend told me that Al-Shaddadi, who was at the time doing his job, reprimanded me since I quoted him in one of my articles as saying that he and Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar are loyal with President Saleh after being asked about this.

According to what I heard from this friend, named Tawfiq Al-Jahmi, Al-Shaddadi nentioned in a qat session that he didn't meet me, nor did he talk to me. In my turn, I clarified to my friend that when I quoted Al-Shaddaid's statement, I didn't allege that he spoke to me. I was clear enough to say that he uttered this statement to President Saleh while he was serving as Second Commander of the First Armored Division.

Saleh demanded that Al-Shaddadi should replace Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who was serving as commander of the division, but he refused to do so. I told Al-Jahmi, “I am not obliged to disclose my sources, but Al-Shaddadi already admitted that he didn't meet me, nor did he speak to me about anything.

Many attempts to fire Ali Mohsen:

During the talk, I told Al-Jahmi that I narrated the event to prove that the attempt to fire Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar is not a new one. Instead, this attempt first began since the dispute between him and Commander of the Republican Guards about various issues. Both military officials disputed over who is entitled to be in charge of safeguarding the Radio and Satellite Television stations.

I indicated that I can easily deduct that Al-Dhahri Al-Shaddadi will be dismissed before Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar because he turned to be classified as one of Ali Mohsen's wings, as well as one of his arms. This contradicts the standing plan for bequeathal of power, particularly as the regime suspects that Gen. Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and his supporters constitute a strong barrier that may hinder bequeathal of power.

The regime also believes that Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and his supporters constitute a potential risk to a prospected bequeathal of power due to numerous reasons, most of which we did not know.