Saudi Holocaust against Yemeni citizens [Archives:2008/1153/Opinion]

May 8 2008

By: Abdulbasit Al-Hubeishi
Most of Yemeni people, who watched some of the victims burned by Saudi authorities while trying to cross into the kingdom, were not shocked by the incident, nor did they react to it. The Yemeni victims, who attempted to cross illegally into the bordering Arab country in search of better work to provide for their vulnerable families, were severely beaten and burned by Saudi security authorities on different parts of their bodies while Yemeni government took no action regarding such a hooligan human rights abuse.

The way the Yemeni citizens were tortured was never seen anytime before even during the time of Nazi Holocaust against the Jews more than 60 years ago.

People of Yemen have not denounced such an inhuman action or procedure that contravenes all the divine and human legislations because many of them have been for years subjected to such agonies and torture. People of Yemen don't care about those who cross the Yemeni-Saudi border in search of better work to provide for their families, but die at the border as a result of torture and agony merciless policemen of Saudi Arabia practice against them.

In addition, the Saudi security authorities deport thousands of Yemeni immigrants who entered their territory illegally and transport them back to the border on trucks, which they use for carrying sheep and cattle.

They accuse Yemeni illegal immigrants of begging in their cities, particularly as they realize that Yemeni government never reacts to what happens to its citizens, nor does it care about compensating them for the injustice they suffer.

Thousands of people from Latin America cross borders of the United States of America on a daily basis, and the federal U.S. government spends billions of dollars to prevent entry of illegal immigrants into its territory because the phenomenon, according to the U.S. authorities, create numerous economic and social problems. Such an example is given for comparison. Unlike Arabs in the kingdom who harshly torture their Yemeni brothers for illegal entry into their cities, the Americans only attempt to prevent entry of illegal migrants coming from South America without harming them.

There are more than 12 million illegal expatriates in the United States and such a phenomenon continues to worsen. A few years ago, two of the American border guards fired in the air with the aim of stopping illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border without injuring anyone of them, but both guards have been – since then and until now – jailed in isolated cells as a punishment for violating human rights.

For us the Yemeni people, our dignity was insulted many years ago and our relatives and beloved ones are killed at the Yemeni-Saudi border on a daily basis at the hands of Arabs who claim to respect Islam and human rights.

My use of the term “Holocaust”, which may enrage some people, is based on a real comparison between the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews in Germany in the 40s of the last century and the an unannounced Saudi Holocaust, which the Saudi authorities launched in the 60s of the last Century, following breakout of Yemen's 26 September Revolution, and still practice against their brothers fleeing Yemen in search of work.