Scandal of appealing to UN War Council [Archives:2009/1226/Opinion]

January 19 2009

Abdullah Al-Shuaibi
The Arabs didn't know that the UN Security Council (which should be rather called as UN War Council) with its long history, never does justice for them. However, the Arabs resort to this council and appeal to it to provide solutions to their own problems. By Lord of Mankind, it is a global miracle for the Arabs to understand lessons throughout history. The problem doesn't lie in the council. Instead, it lies within us the Arabs who beg their natural and legal rights.

Having supposed that the Arabs attacked Israel, a state that is difficult for one to coexist with due to its aggression and barbarism, the whole world, led by the U.S. and other European states, would uprise to defend Israel and sanction the Arabs. But, when Israel assaults the Arabs, this is seen as normal as if Israel is entitled to do so.

The Arabs must abide by international conventions while their blood is the cheapest worldwide. If this is not seen as a real fact, why doesn't Israel join the Arab League in order for the Arab world to gratify Uncle Sam?

Unlike the Arab's, the American, Israeli and European bloods are expensive. Israel may force the world uprise if a single person is hurt. So, why we don't attempt to understand the lesson and read history contemplatively aside from emotions, particularly as an Arab national never has a value inside or outside his homeland.

Whether we accept it or not, the UN War Council is actively operating against Arabs. The council is not concerned with Arabs while we still appeal to it in order to grant us our natural and legal right. We still pin hopes in this council after 60 years of its inception. We cheer while dancing on its tables so that it may have mercy on us and sympathize with us, however, in fact, we admit that they will never sympathize or have mercy on us.

The UN War Council remains to be 100 percent Zionist while stupidity of Arabs continues, and congratulations to Israel for these facts.

Anyway, the entire world is satisfied with the existence of the Zionist State within the Arab body because it has got red of their concerns and problems. What is faulty if the Zionist State exists at the expense of the Palestinian people? In the Zionists' eyes, the Palestinian people affiliates to a submissive, coward, weak, kind and simple world. The Zionists have tested the Arabs when they occupied them for centuries and still are occupying them now. In the eye of Arabs, the Palestinian people seem to have come from another planet and are unrelated with them.

Homeland liberation must come first

The Gazza Strip and the entire Palestinian nation may collapse for the sake of power with no attention being paid to people and their issue. As I hold the Palestinian factions, most notably the Fatah and Hamas movements, accountable for what happens to their homeland, I sincerely urge both movements to quit politics since they mostly rely on the Arab support, on the one hand, and because they conflict over power at the expense of their homeland liberation, on the other.

The past experience confirmed authenticity of their failure and the impossibility of their unity and consolidation for the sake of liberating their homeland. By logic, both movements are responsible for the Palestinian bloodshed.

This is an urgent appeal from an Arab national who is concerned about what happens to the Palestinian people to both main movements in the Arab land. If both movements are loyal with their people and homeland, they will not continue their conflict over power lacks will and sovereignty.

The author is a Yemeni researcher