Sea piracy and Yemen’s elections [Archives:2008/1200/Opinion]

October 20 2008

By: Ahmad Abdulmalik Al-Maqrami
Piracy operations emerged suddenly in the Gulf of Aden in an unprecedented manner and have continued to increase over time.

The strangest thing is that the NATO ships, which frequently patrol the waters and inspect other ships, have done nothing in this regard.

Did such piracy operations appear suddenly via individual and random initiatives? Or was there something seriously wrong behind them? I don't think that such extensive operations and irresponsible actions are the direct result of individual and random efforts, particularly as individual actions usually lack the required accuracy, dexterity and capacity.

The beginning may be random or implemented by a certain individual. But seemingly, they are the sort of actions that attract attention from conspirers against Yemen's security and stability. Meanwhile, international agencies gave the green light to pirates to do whatever they wanted, even if they had the intention to harm Yemen's security and stability. These international agencies also provided lavish support to pirates and backed them while implementing their irresponsible actions in the sea.

U.S military bases in the region are likely

Through such irresponsible actions taking place at sea, the involved international organizations and U.S. Administration are creating new cards for them to play in the region. These organizations and the U.S. Administration may promote further piracy activities until the situation requires that the latter suggest the necessity of establishing U.S. military bases in the region, and dispatch U.S. patrols to the Arab Sea, Gulf of Aden and Bab Al-Mandab Strait.

The current political situation in Yemen encourages the Americans to play with their cards in the region. And, the political congestion, currently experienced nationwide, forces the Yemeni regime to easily deal with the U.S. demands. The Yemeni authority has no objection to responding to any U.S. demands and obeying its orders.

It has no objection to establishing further military access to the Americans, as well as agreeing to grant them a military base here or there.

Inevitably at this point, the Yemeni authority will stipulate that the U.S. Administration should support and back the upcoming electoral process in Yemen, according to the shape, image and result sought by the authority, which is surely against the opposition's will. Such a condition may be fulfilled, particularly as the U.S. Administration never hesitates to deal with any democracy-related demands worldwide.

Ambiguous statements are deceptive

It is enough for the Americans to throw ashes on the eyes of others by producing ambiguous statements that hold the stick at the middle point with the malicious intention of deceiving both parties involved (ruling and opposition parties) into thinking such statements are in their favor. The U.S. Administration feels satisfied with granting certificates to a particular journalist, praising a particular newspaper or signing a contract with a particular organization, while in fact, it does nothing to address what is going wrong in the nation.

The U.S. Administration has proven that it will side with oppressive regimes and tyrannous authorities via providing material and spiritual support and any necessary logistic assistance. As a result, one may find that a large and unexpected number of local journalists are promoting suspicious activities funded by the U.S. Administration.

In fact, they don't know that this administration is responsible for the piracy operations taking place in Yemen's territorial waters.