Shame on civilization! [Archives:2004/738/Opinion]

May 17 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Major news, printing and media Organizations reported and printed photos of despicable crimes committed by the US occupation forces against Iraqi citizens detained at the US-controlled prisons. The committed crimes could only be described as inhumane and are committed only by uncivilized troops with no morals, and ironically claiming to be civilized. Even the Palestinians detainees under the custody of Israelis forces have not encountered such heinous crimes being committed by the US and British forces in Iraq under the name of liberating the Iraqi people. These are the lessons of the American civilization they want us to learn.
This confirms the reports broadcast by news agencies about bringing one US expert working at Guantanemo base to exert his unique expertise to torment Iraqi prisoners at the notorious Abu Ghreeb Prison and to instruct US soldiers to use all kinds of unimaginable and unthinkable methods of torture and humiliation.
It is very immoral to know that a US female cadet was among the perpetrators who were torturing Iraqis and watching Iraqis being sexually harassed, as if the Iraqis were animals to provide entertainment for the Americans to watch. And then they question themselves: Why the world hates us?
The consecutive human civilizations have lost along the way basic values and ethics. And it is time for the cowboys' civilization to 'hit the road jack and don't come back no more' after it has stained human civilization.