Sharon and Bush, better than Arab leaders [Archives:2003/679/Opinion]

October 23 2003

Bakr Hamud
[email protected]

Unfortunately, We don’t have leaders that we can proud of but our leader President Ali Abdullah Selah who must have been the leader of this nation. I will not say why because all of you know his brave and faithful deeds and you can also watch what he is says in these days on TV channels. I hope all leaders learn from him and take his remarks as proverbs for life.
Isn’t it a shame on Arab leaders? Let us see what they did and what others are doing. Bush and Sharon have more dignity than Arab leaders, Why? Because they like their land ,country ,people and they want to do something for them, except our leaders !
It is a shame this is happening in the 21st Century. Helicopters and hundreds of tanks besiege and shoot at indigenous civilian population.
Shame on the American administration for betraying their own principles of freedom, democracy and human rights; for not having any leaders speaking out against the denial of human rights of the Palestinians; for denying the freedom of Palestinians in their own land; for supporting with their taxes, a leader convicted of war crimes (Ariel Sharon).
Shame on the Israeli government for subjecting the Palestinian people to the same persecution, humiliation and oppression which the Jews suffered before; for not being at the forefront in upholding human rights and respecting human dignity; for making Palestinians pay the price for the failure of decades of Israeli politics; for being the last and only occupier of an autonomous land; for ignoring over 100 U.N. resolutions asking for withdrawal from occupied lands; for seeking to secure “peace” by violence and war; for increasing incursions into Palestinian areas even after being asked by the international community to withdraw.
Shame on Arab leaders for not showing solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people; for ignoring the public opinion of their Arab citizens who support the Palestinians during this tragedy; for not taking any strong position like cutting economic or diplomatic ties with Israel; for not wanting to upset Uncle Sam not even in the interest of their own people; for answering Israel’s oppression against Palestinians with more concessions to Israel; for wanting to preserve their personal privileges instead of taking care of their people; for making their countries poorer, defenseless.
The obstacles and impotence of Arab conferences and Leaders. Our rulers lack all forms of resilience, fortitude and commitment to Islam.
Let us be under no illusion, the conferences are organised by the West, for the West. We have repeatedly gone through the contrived notion that such leaders can somehow solve the problems we continue to face, but we have repeatedly witnessed how such gatherings fail to achieve their stated aim. The multitude of conferences no longer cause the Ummah to hold her breath or exhale any sense of relief. Each and every time the rulers enter a conference possibly the only surety we have is our loss. We have never gained from such gatherings, not from the rulers representatives that continue to mire the earth with their existence. If the spine is lacking in these people, then how is it they seem to be able to stand their ground against the passions and loud cries for release from the Muslims. The answer is chillingly simple; behind each devious ruler is the hand of a darker being, often American. The Muslims expectations usually flounder somewhere in the background.To list a few of the conferences and their outcome will make crystal any doubt in our rulers impotence.On the 28th of March 2001 the 24th such summit ended. This, after a series of summits, which started with the first Cairo conference, held between 13th and 17th of January 1964. A final declaration was issued by this conference, which contained 52 clauses. After looking at this declaration, and all that have been issued since the first conference, one does not need to undertake any great study or analysis, or require more scrutiny and investigation, in order to conclude the following.
Arab rulers have forsaken the vital interests of the Ummah and betrayed her, and deserve to be ousted and accounted harshly for what they have committed.
The conference produced resolutions to have no effect on liberation of Palestine or rescuing it from the hands of the Jews. Rather they covertly consecrated the Jewish entity as a dagger in the Muslim lands and gave legitimacy to their usurping of Palestine, and its continuous brutal crimes, which increased whilst the conferees were in their meeting.
In this conference a statement was released which read, ‘The leaders confirm their adherence to the Security Council resolutions relating to the city of Jerusalem, especially resolutions; 252 (1968), 267, 465 (1980), 478 (1980). These confirm the invalidation of all measures already taken or are being taken by Israel in changing the landmarks of this city.’ This statement abandons al-Quds and explicitly renounces their responsibility as it gives the Security Council i.e. Taghut, a free hand to deal with this issue as it sees fit, and to carry through the Kaafir plans for the city. Despite the numerous resolutions passed regarding this issue since 1947, there has not been one resolution that stipulates that Jerusalem is the right of the Muslims. Nor any statement that it will be returned to them, since its occupation in 1967. That is why the Arab rulers’ adherence to the resolutions of the Security Council regarding Jerusalem, and their confirmation of this in more than one summit, shows the evil that is being practiced by the rulers regarding the city. In the Cairo conference of 1964 and Rabat conference of 1974, there was the making of the Al-Quds issue into a Palestinian issue. Apparently Al-Quds was now no longer Muslim land but Arafat’s playground. It established the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) as the sole representative of Palestine under the pretext of liberating it from the Jews at the hands of the Palestinians themselves. The Oslo agreement was the juncture where those who were purporting to protect Palestine signed the Oslo agreement with the Jews and surrendered Palestine occupied in 1948.
Humiliatingly it began to negotiate with the Jews for what was occupied in 1967, that does not exceed one fifth of Palestine. Then they accepted parts of this one fifth but the Jews did not accept, thereby increasing the shame and humiliation.The conference of 1982, was held to approve the Fahd plan regarding the conditions of Arab and Palestinian peace with the Jews and recognition of their entity. The Algeria conference 1988 and the Casablanca of 1989 was where the request was made to hold an international peace conference in the Middle East to openly discuss the recognition of the Jewish entity. The Madrid conference in 1991 concluded this. Then followed open consecutive agreements with the Jews. Before this and after there were official, secret, and open negotiations between Arab states and the Jewish entity. Whoever examines the 24 summits will find that their resolutions were a conspiracy against Palestine, surrendering most of its territory, consolidating the Jewish entity and encouraging it to be haughty and stubborn in their crimes. Therefore, holding such conferences, or promoting them is a betrayal to Allah (swt), His Messenger and the believing community. They do nothing other than realize the interests of the Kaafir West and the Jews.
One must therefore refuse the lamentable excuse for rulers we are currently blighted with. It is time we demand a change. Such a change where the conferences would be set aside and real statesmen took the reigns of power, suitably strong to protect the Muslims and fight the kuffar. It is time for the Khilafah.
It looks like some of the Muslim leaders forgot Allah… The power of the infidels does not stem from their weapons and equipment; their power stems from our obedience to them, from the obedience of a number of Muslim and Arab leaders to them, [from the compliance with] their threats, demands, and aggression.
The sons of Iraq are slaughtered, Iraq is bombarded; the sons of Iraq are murdered. [Iraq] is an Arab Muslim country, the cradle of civilization since the dawn of history, the capital of the land of Muslim caliphates. The Iraqi people are crying for help… Where are you, Oh Arabs? Where are you, nation of Islam?… Be free, or die honorably. The sons of the Arab and Muslim nation are murdered, its sons are slaughtered, its homes demolished and the Arabs are standing and watching.
One of the Arab leaders claims that he opposes the attack on Iraq while he finances the airplanes of the invading enemy. Another condemns the attack on Iraq while the attackers use bases on his own soil to attack Iraq. A third Arab sisterly [country] openly declares its enmity towards America, but behind closed doors holds meetings and strikes deals [with the Americans]. A fourth opens its ports and airports to enemy ships and airplanes. Is this Islam? Is this the religion?! The aggression against Iraq is an assault on international laws and on religious edicts. The aggression against Iraq is an aggression against humanity, against values and principles. The aggression against Iraq is an assault on Islam, the Koran and the message of Muhammad… If, God forbid, something happens to Iraq, the aggression and the Crusade will turn tomorrow against the Koran. Prior to the attack on Iraq, Allah’s enemy and the enemy of His Prophet… called to change the religious education systems in the Arab and Islamic countries. Today, God forbid, his second assault is on the Koran, [he wants] to change verses and to mess with Allah’s book, to Americanize the region, Americanize the religion, Americanize the Koran, Americanize Muhammad’s message.”
What are you going to do, oh millions of Arabs, oh Arab leaders? What are you going to do in light of this tyranny and this aggression? These bullets that are being fired today on the Muslim people of Iraq will be fired tomorrow into your chests and the chests of your peoples.
The Iraqi soil repels this aggressor, the Iraqi soil curses him when he steps on it, and the Iraqi people spit in his face.
Trustworthy [Islamic] clerics, from East and West. came up with proofs from the Koran and the Sunna, and announced them from the pulpits of Al-Azhar and other mosques around the world, that any Muslim who does not stand by Iraq and support it against the American-British-Crusaders cruel attack is a traitor to his religion, traitor to his nation, traitor to his motherland, and traitor to his Arabism. Aren’t you listening?
Each day the situation in the occupied territories worsens. Every day, the dead are carried away to their graves in a line of endless funeral processions. Blood of Palestinian martyrs soaks the streets of the occupied land while mothers, wives, sisters and daughters shed their tears for their deceased loved ones.
It is ironic and even tragic that such savagery against a civilian population continues to run rampant. The Israeli government has no code of honor. It has no respect for human rights, for human dignity, for property, or the decency at least to spare the children from all the carnage that surrounds them.
No reporter asks any psychologist what the impact of Israeli brutality will have on Palestinian children. Palestinian children have been shot at, have seen their classmates murdered, have seen their fathers or older brothers killed in front of them and have had their homes shelled in the middle of the night. No Palestinian child is safe from Jewish terrorism. What is even more tragic than world apathy is the apathy of the Arab leaders. There are only a very few who are genuinely concerned about the fate and welfare of the Palestinian people. The fate of any Arab should be the concern of all Arabs. If the Arab leaders had one voice and were united, the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people could not continue.
As it is, the Arab leaders should hang their heads in shame for allowing the Israeli government to continue its extermination of the Palestinian people. Little Palestinian boys with small stones have more courage than most Arab leaders who hide behind their palaces, extravagant clothes and unwillingness to stand up for what is right.
But waiting for a united Arab front and action that will change the occupation of Palestine is like waiting for Saladin and as we all know, he would not come.