Sharon’s big holiday [Archives:2004/704/Opinion]

January 19 2004

For all intents and purposes we can safely assume that as long as George W. Bush remains President of he United States, the region, or for that matter the world will just have to forget about peace, prosperity and all those wonderful things that are supposed to come with wealth stability. There is a point to be made in believing that there is just no way to know when George Bush will direct the awesome power of the United States towards real common sense type of leadership. Mr. Bush thinks that the United States has an excuse in 9/11 to carry on without regard to the values, rights and normal human desires of minds at rest. Of course, 9/11 was a dreadful act by all statutes, religions and human cultural finesse. God only knows that most Moslems dread such a tragedy and see no justifications for it, no matter what befalls Moslems. One should not however forget that since then, all the noise and efforts of the United States have yet to relieve the American victims and us by the apprehension of the alleged perpetrators. It seems to the observer that indeed the alleged perpetrator may have not outlived his usefulness, for one finds it difficult to believe that Saddam Hussein, who had far more considerable power than Osama Bin Laden, was not able to escape the Americans, while bearing in mind that Saddam Hussein really had nothing to do with 9/11, nor did he threaten or even posed any danger to the United States. Yet Bin Laden is still at large, sending his corny tapes and with the invasion of Iraq, may have been given a new operations theater in which to play his personality cult.
More important, the fact that the United States is so openly on the side of Ariel Sharon and his Likud establishment cannot be a sign that the White House is not letting his people down and doing all he can to avoid the excuses by which terrorists have a chance to cling to in their one-on-one against the United States. Moreover, Mr. Bush wishes us to believe that a butcher like Ariel Sharon is a good friend of the United States. Mr. Bush may not be well cultured in world history and the background of the Middle East, but it goes without saying that Mr. Bush's pat on the back to Ariel Sharon could never be of help to the “War on Terror”. Many emails have come trying to picture the Israelis as being close partners to the United States on its War on Terror, but one can easily detect the same kind of mentality in those who write in blind support of a man who sees himself as the man who holds the front line against “Islamic terrorists”. Anyone who listens to Sharon speak cannot fail to see his obvious anti Moslem attitude. He never fails to mention Islam whenever referring to “terrorists” as if to Sharon the tow words are synonymous. The truth of the matter is that people who defend Israel never present a viable case in human justice, nor do they fail to realize that the creation of Israel was at a heavy price. One has asked many of these blind defenders of Israel, what would they do if someone drove them out of their homes and killed a couple of kids along the way? They never respond back because the answer is obvious. That is the story of the creation of Israel and if there is anything else being aired about the fascinating history of Zionism, it is a deception. That is why most observers in the Middle East are quick to point out that there is a case that the Palestinians have, and no one wants to listen. Because the overwhelming populations of the Arab and Moslem World rightly sympathize with their brothers in the Holy Land, the extremists amongst them tend to get carried away. An important point to make is that terrorists are not the products of normal upbringing but a scientific program of brainwash, that takes very young children and rears them into a culture that defies reason and compassion – even for their own souls. It is not a healthy culture and it is far from being what Islam is all about. This kind of culture needs to be understood and fought with heavy doses of sound human thinking. Its roots are as mysterious as its modus operandi. Yet Bin Ladin is not seriously hunted by the United States, nor is there a genuine social effort to erase this culture from this world in a pragmatic and reasonable way. Mr. Wesley Clark was right in saying that it seems that Mr. Bush is not seriously going after Bin Ladin. One is willing to even suggest that for all practical purposes Bin Laden and his likes may have done more to bring the holiday that Ariel Sharon is enjoying in the West Bank and Gaza. For this reason, one should not think it ridiculous that Sharon and his likes are saying keep Bin Laden around. He is giving us a good alibi for our ugly agenda and taking him away might put an end to the agenda we have under implementation. Of course the same goes for the military industrial complex that is also having a holiday in the United States as the wars that Bush is waging are producing the catalyst that energizes their greedy ambitions. If money can be made out of war then let the climate suggest that America and Israel must remain on the alert. The truth of the matter is that the rest of humanity must remain on the alert from the disturbing knack for blood that has come to prevail in the American and Israeli right.