Should Washington worry about AIPAC?When your best friend spies on you [Archives:2005/840/Opinion]

May 9 2005

When Common Sense cited reports about the Larry Franklin spy case in the US Pentagon, the observer indicated that if it's a case of spying for Israel, you can be sure the American -Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is right there behind it (See CS 777). Thus, it is easy to confirm now that where there is an American snoop case for the benefit of Israel, many of those nice sounding NGO or lobby groups working for and on behalf of Israel will be right there behind the snoops. But in the American Likudnik atmosphere that prevails these days, spying for Israel is not an unhealthy affair in American-Israeli relations: “this case bears little resemblance to more serious espionage cases such as the Jonathon Pollard case. Pollard was “an intelligence analyst for the Navy who pleaded guilty to spying for Israel in the 1980s”. That is how the unbiased New York Post sees it. In other words, it is no big deal that Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, John Bolton and all those other members of the “policy think tank group” at the US Pentagon, who have given this world hell for the past five years and their coziness to Israel pose no serious threat to American interests (To these guys, American interest is farthest from their minds!). Yet, the Bush Administration is raising hell and high water for a few Syrian intelligence personnel in Lebanon. It does not seem to worry the White House that American organizations are actually working against the United States within the highest echelons of Government. In fact to the wonderful media in the US, spy cases like these are not even considered top headline news, but are nicely covered up here and there and then only apologetically reported. In many cases the press will pass a “not guilty verdict”, before even the case goes to trial.

Thanks, however, to the relentless pursuits of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Larry Franklin spy case, within the leading citadel of American defense, is actually going to be more serious than the Jonathan Pollard Case. Remember that case of a US Navy Officer spying on behalf of Israel? Let us look at the facts:

1. The Larry Franklin case involves the insidious crime of not only “providing information” to the “best friend” of the United States, but actually providing the directions and pursuits of US foreign policy. We are talking about links to the highest levels of US Government, who the whole world knows have geared US foreign policy to the likings of such gung-ho Likudniks as Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Finance Minister and former Prime Minister – the rightist of the Israeli right!

2. Everyone, who has an inkling of knowledge about the US Defense Policy Committee working under the Pentagon and indirectly under the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney (Douglas Feith and friends) will easily recall the outstanding efforts each of these individuals have exerted on behalf of the Zionist State, long before their highly sensitive appointments to the highest echelons of American Government. Their relationship with AIPAC does not end with the “less serious” Franklin case. AIPAC was found to have a strong relationship with the Pollard case as well, but has easily managed to get away with that. In fact, AIPAC will probably get away with the Franklin case as well, even though the FBI insists that AIPAC was the go between in the Franklin case as well. In other words, AIPAC did all the hard work of coordinating (and financing of course) the heavy intelligence work of the Israeli Mossad within the US Government with a heavy dose of influence peddling that should send warning signals to any loyal Americans that there is something wrong way up there in policy land in the United States Government.

3. It is no secret the great inroads that US (Pro Israel) NGOs have made in advancing the interests of Israel within the US Government, especially under the George W. Bush Administration. What else can be said, when all current foreign policy renditions are guided by the principle that “if it is good for Israel, let us do it!”?

4. If the Larry Franklin case is assessed from an objective point of view, with respect to AIPAC and the workings of the many “interest” peddlers that the Zionist state relies on within the US Government, it is not hard to categorically say that US policy is now underwritten in Tel Aviv rather than in Washington. So, why does the New York Post see this as a “minor case”? In fact AIPAC is just one of the hundreds of US interest peddler groups that are serving the interests of “America's best friend. One might suggest that the US is run by remote control by the International Zionist Establishment and it is time for the US Government to recognize that it has forgotten that America's interests should be dictated by guidelines that do not lead to the death of hundreds of American troops (Remember the WMD scenarios? One can be sure that AIPAC and her sister organizations had a lot to do with it).

The United States is under scrutiny by the international community after its debacle in Iraq and with so much Israeli intrusion into the US Government, engineered by the likes of AIPAC, there simply can be no credibility, sincerity or honesty in any foreign policy renditions coming out of Washington these days.

One should see this as the hopeful opening of investigative work on the operations of all these interest peddlers on behalf of the International Zionist Establishment. But with the way the case is being handled now (Mr. Franklin is actually still working in the Pentagon!), it seems that the US Zionist Establishment is well set in to wiggle out of this one, as it did with the Pollard Case. In that case, at least someone took all the rap for the many intricacies that do not exonerate AIPAC or any of the other “American” principals involved. But in the Franklin case, it is business as usual and with an open heart. Mr. Wolfowitz is now in charge of the World Bank. John Bolton is for all practical purposes in charge of the United Nations. So, the successful engineering of AIPAC has actually put the International Zionist Establishment at the top of the world! God, help us!