Silence barriers broken [Archives:2006/1006/Opinion]

December 11 2006

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
After long reluctance and denial the confessions are beginning to appear with regard to the disaster of the war of aggression on Iraq. Voices of those who deny the defeat began to be heard though with an amount of shyness. Probably the most dangerous and important confession is embodied by the ruling Republicans in the U.S. following their defeat in the congressional mid-term elections. It is their war leaders feeling of repentance, although some of them are still thinking victory is possible even if that can be on the American corpses or in a place other than Iraq. The Arab country brought to it destruction and collapse of all the red lines that were existent among its sons.

The United States did not achieve anything from this war besides the killing of the innocent and shedding the blood of the American youth in an uncalculated adventure under fabricated allegations and ridiculous accusations.

The American voters have admitted the war is a serious disaster and they were the victim of idiot leadership that deluded them into thinking the war on Iraq was only going to be a winter picnic where there the soldiers will be back to enjoy the glories of victory and the commanders will be back to entertain dreams of seizing the largest oil reserve in the Middle East. The American electors also discovered the war administration began to realize that, after three years of grey days and nights, it has fallen a quagmire it had not expected and its problem is that it is stuck in the mud of this quagmire and could not drag their feet out of it, but with amputation and with what is severer that the defeat.

Maybe the most dangerous element with the confession of the defeated administration can be seen in dimensions of expelling the direct leader of the war, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who, for three years, kept his head buried in the sand so he could not see the successive losses and fire burning inside the rooms of the Pentagon. He was used to present a false picture of the military command, but then lost the respect their soldiers and realized the consequences of lying to their people. That idiot minister is on his way to stand trial for the mistakes he committed and the lies he fabricated – his expulsion one day after the elections equals sentencing him to death.

And in this regard one should not disregard confessions by British Prime Minister Tony Blair – the largest ally and partner in the scandals of lies. He has admitted clearly that the war on Iraq was a disaster. He has to say that his support for George Bush and his blood and the oil-thirsty gang has inflicted irreparable shame on him and his country. There are some British politicians who hate the U.S. because they stole their former glory. The inheritor of their empire would say Tony Blair is faithful and managed with his cleverness to push the American administration and with it its people, to the quagmire of Iraq and its more dangerous ramifications.

The American loss of this failing dirty war does not stop at wasting hundreds of billions of dollars or at killing thousands of soldiers and officers. The bigger loss is coming from the complete lack of credibility and now the fear of world from the errors by the adventurous gang that resulted from the stupid ruler who controls the super power and uncontrollable wars.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies.