Silver LiningCan al-Fasheq torture crimes be stopped? [Archives:2007/1012/Opinion]

January 1 2007

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Recently, we were all panic-stricken by the harassment and rape of Anisah al-Shuaibi by some police officers at Sana'a Criminal Investigations prison. Now, we have the question of the torture of Hamdan Hasan Darsi by Sheikh Shua'eeb al-Fashiq and his cruel escorts. This is absolutely disgusting and awful. This incident has sent shock waves down my spine; I have been really horrified when I read about the severe torture and harassment the man went through.

It is complete lawlessness and chaos that runs our life. The Sheikh simply ordered his escorts to bring Darsi to his house; they took off his cloths, putting a stick into his back, torturing different parts of his body with fire and finally they let him go home naked after midnight. It is simply because he worked with someone who is in dispute over a piece of land with the brutal Sheikh. Can you imagine guys that such barbaric exercises do still exist on earth? I have really felt that we are not living in the 21st century where our officials keep singing and shrugging their shoulders in pride of “great”” achievements of democracy and human rights respect. I feel very sad such heinous crimes and human rights abuse do still exist.

We should understand that such practices could not take place without the approval or let us say the leniency of the government which backs up such influential guys and boosts their power and arrogance against their people. Al-Fasheq had been repeatedly reported to have committed such exercises including torture and had never been held accountable. Why? Who is protecting the man? Is he above the law?

I believe such a crime should break hell loose and bring even the change of the government