Since 9/11 [Archives:2004/772/Opinion]

September 13 2004

This observer recalls very well the traumatic moments of the unfolding airplane attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the subsequent attack on the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania forced landing that somehow reportedly mysteriously diverted from its intended unknown target. Yet, for all their tragic consequences on the victims of the attacks and their shocking precision at inflicting such high toll in human lives and for all the obvious fragility they revealed in the security and defense capabilities of the world's only superpower, the observer is still beset by the awesome mystery that still surrounds one of the most bizarre events of modern times. Do we really know what happened on that fateful day? There are many people who have striven to indicate to the world that 9/11 is far too complex to attribute to one, relatively speaking, stateless paramilitary organization, even if the leadership of that organization takes pride in being culled as International Public Enemy No. 1 for responsibility for the attacks. To date, the Bin Laden video tapes suggesting admission of Al-Qaeda's role in the daunting death and destruction of that day are the only semblance of any ties linking the renegade guerilla group to the attacks. Because of the complexity of the arrangements required for such phenomenal series of attacks and the severity of their impact, these skeptics insist on a far more grandiose scheme behind these perplexing attacks. In the internet, one has come across several web sites dedicated to the assertion that 9/11 must simply not be dismissed as the work of Bin Laden and his organization of disgruntled guerrilla fighters, who were let down by the very source of their rise to international stardom. We have invited one of them to contribute to our American Viewpoint column of this week. Mr. John Kaminski is one of those advocates for a deep scrutiny into the real forces, as he and others suggest, that are behind the shocking events of that day. Mr. Kaminski is not the only voice alluding 9/11 to an intentional conspiracy to bring about a new world order that will function to serve the narrow interests of an international institutional socio-political network. There are many who will note how this international clique has become capable of mobilizing power, influence and money to suit its own agenda and its own perceptions of how the world should be in the Third Millennium. Mr. Kaminski has written much literature on 9/11 and has been on many radio talk shows in the United States explaining his assertions. He (and many of his fellow 9/11 “Truth” advocates) also have tied Zionist interests to involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Because of his strong arguments and deep analytical probing, he may be regarded as presenting the most powerful arguments to the conspiracy theory behind 9/11. This has caused some worries amongst those who are strong advocates for the Zionist cause and unabashed supporters of the Zionist state in Palestine in the United States. They have directed various forms of harassment and threats towards Mr. Kaminski and some of his closest of social relations. Yet, Mr. Kaminski continues to follow up on all those, who have entered the 9/11 Truth Movement and to decipher their arguments and assertions, filtering out the outlandish and the irrational and adding those arguments that he feels have rational and scientific plausibility to his own theories about how 9/11 came about.
For the observer, the impacts of 9/11 continue to overwhelm the course of world events, even in ways that 9/11 should, in principle have nothing to do with. We have an American Administration that has rushed its country into two wars. It sent the US forces to Afghanistan without insuring that the first war achieves its primary objective of supposedly eliminating Al-Qaeda, the leading suspect behind 9/11, to restore the prestige of a superpower, that was indeed caught off guard on that fateful day, and to bring the “culprits to justice”, as George W. Bush assured his nation he would do soon after 9/11. Moreover, the regime that accommodated Al-Qaeda, although removed from power in Kabul, still apparently continues to tenaciously undermine the stability of that war torn country and to test the ability of the successor government, instilled by the “coalition”, to extend its rule beyond the capital city and some of the major urban centers of that rugged country. Thus, purpose has come to have little influence in the US decision making process, and results are evaluated without attachment to initially declared intentions. This certainly poses serious questions as to the seriousness with which the White House has given to the use of the ultimate power at its disposal, and the astuteness by which it conducts massive military adventures with respect to American interests. This brings us to the second war that the Bush Administration decided to wage, initially supposedly to continue the restoration process of American prestige after the 9/11 attack. This kind of frantic sheer display of power is void of rational superpower behavior and is tantamount to irresponsible conduct, with an obvious contempt for the prudence expected in the appropriations of the public resources of the American people towards meaningful endeavors. Furthermore, one is inclined to suggest that the posture of the United States and its attachment to civilized values has been severely damaged by the misguided adventure in Iraq, on the international arena. Domestically, the Bush Administration has come to rely on deceit and misrepresentations to the American people, through the use of a well organized servile media that has forgotten that the American people do have a right to get an honest portrayal of where their leadership is leading them to. 9/11 has helped to serve those who rely on repression, twisted emotions and dishonest hidden intents to have their way. For us in the Middle East and the Moslem World, 9/11 was a gift to the Zionist cause and the curtailment of all legitimate struggles against oppression of Moslems from Palestine to the Caucasus Mountains to the schools of France! 9/11 also gave added strength to repressive government throughout the world, where in some places some light at the end of the tunnel had actually begun to appear before that turbulent day.