Since when is Israel a dictator of morals? [Archives:2005/825/Opinion]

March 17 2005

It is really amazing to hear Israeli officials speak sometimes about the shortcomings of other nations or people, while holding themselves in such high esteem as a shining beacon of morals and sound sovereign behavior. As if people are expected to ignore the black (without any racial implications intended of course) history of Israel's coming into existence and its continuous manifestations of all the evils that a modern society must conjure up to carry on with its expansionist agenda. So, how much weight should really be given to the statements of Israeli officials on such matters of human rights or world peace, when the only way that Israel could come into being is by violating all the human rights that anyone can think of. It is even more of a comedy to hear Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, often lecture on civilized behavior and modern western ideals, when he was the mastermind of more than one massacre. Then there is the reference to ethics that the Israelis like to lecture about, when just about everything that Israel has obtained was obtained by the most flagrant disrespect of ethical or conscientious behavior, not to mention the heavy dose of arm twisting the international Zionist establishment relies on to “lobby” on behalf of Israel in the international community.

Just imagine, Israel is trying to convince the Arabs that it is promoting democracy in the Middle East, on behalf of the people of the Arab World, and has gone even so far as to say that it will not sign anymore peace agreements with any Arab Governments, unless they are democratic governments. Yet, most Arabs are aware that Israel has actually encouraged the establishment of tyrannical regimes, because democratic governments, as the Israelis well know, must succumb to the will of the people, and in the will of most Arabs, Israel is to be treated as a dangerous enemy, with a chauvinistic philosophy that is contradictory to the moral convictions that actually mostly had their origins in this region, not in Tel Aviv or Washington, as Israel also well knows.

On the other hand, there are the statements of Israeli officials that really are so ridiculous on top of being an insult to human intelligence. Listen to what the Israeli Foreign Minister recently said about the possibility of Iran possessing an atomic bomb: “The idea that this tyranny of Iran will hold a nuclear bomb is a nightmare, not only for us but for the whole world.” To start with, the Israeli Foreign Minister should be reminded that when Iran was under the autocratic rule of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Israel had the most cozy of relations with the Shah's regime. No sensible human being will ever dismiss the fact that if there was any regime that fit the description of “tyranny”, it was the Shah's regime. Moreover, the Shah's coziness with the Israelis was absolutely in total disregard of his “subjects'” perception of the Zionist state, which they considered to be just one manifestation of his tyrannical rule! Moreover, any objective observer of the Iranian scene will confirm that Iran is far from being the tyranny described by the hate filled Israeli Foreign Minister. Not only are the Iranians far better off under the present regime, than they were under the Shah, but Iran is probably one of the most dynamic democracies of the Moslem World, and the regime was set up with the full backing and support of the Iranian people. Now we come to the matter of possessing nukes. If there is any nightmare that really already exists in the region, it is the more than 200 nuclear weapons possessed by the Zionist state. Such an arsenal by any means cannot be viewed as merely serving defensive purposes, as the Israelis wish the world to believe. There are no adversaries facing Israel that have any nuclear capability to speak of and Israel's conventional military capability is far superior to the combined military prowess of the entire Arab World, which it must be remembered is not under any unified command structure, and more often than not is dedicated to maintaining the political regimes in power in most of the Arab states. Thus this claim gives rise to suspicion. In fact, Israel's nuclear capability is already a nightmare even to Israel itself, as many reports have stated that the Israeli nuclear facilities are leaking radiation and are already presenting a threat to the Israeli public and the people of the neighboring Arab states. Surely such massive nuclear capability is simply not meant to just to protect Israel from her “hostile Arab neighbors”, but rather to give Israel more distant international outreach that could be used to threaten other states or embezzle demands from them that advance Israel's interests. So, such statements are more worthy of a state that has been a nightmare to the people of the region almost since the Balfour Declaration was issued (1917).

It is really ironic that Tel Aviv – and for that matter Washington also – could go on lecturing about how nations should be governed and the application of morals, when their history is riddled with the worst illustrations of man's inhumanity to man. Both countries were established at the expense of the indigenous populations of the land they sit on. This expense is measured in rivers of blood, land, and the eradication of a once thriving culture in both cases. Furthermore, both societies have a dismal racial and ethnic record, with the US only recently coming to terms with its horrendous treatment of the black population in that country, which was brought over under one of the most oppressive slavery regimes in history, and even after their freedom from slavery, still were refused the most basic of human rights, not undermining their right to human dignity.

As for the Israelis, they uprooted the entire population of Palestine, most of whom are still living on the handouts of the international community under the most oppressive “foreign” occupation of what remains of their land, which continues to shrink, while being subjected to the most dehumanizing efforts to annihilate them or remove them to make way for the further expansion of the Zionist state. In the West Bank and Gaza, the nightmare is as real as the air the Palestinians are breathing, and not just a figment of the imagination. If the situations in Gaza and the West Bank are the outcome of western ideals, we certainly do not want them. In this context, who can really be trusted with nuclear weapons, states that thrive on stealing the land and livelihoods of indigenous nations, or a nation that may have a right to defend itself from possibly becoming victims of the Zionist nightmare, which is already a reality?