So, Iran is the real objective, after all [Archives:2003/643/Opinion]

June 19 2003

Long before the guns put an end to all the talking, protesting, and diplomatic efforts aimed at trying to reinstate reason and sensibleness in American foreign policy in the original bedrock of civilization, the Fertile Crescent, this observer (Common Sense issue 2/03), with a high degree of certainty, suggested that the Iraqi adventure, had many more issues at stake than just Iraqi oil, 9/11, DMD and all the other Tolkein like fiction that emanated from the highest levels of US executive authority. It seemed obvious by the process of elimination that the instigators holding the helms of US foreign policy directions, were motivated by drives that fitted well with their narrow based inclinations than all that jive that was being so meticulously and dangerously spoon-fed down our throats for so many months (9/11, DMD, etc). The most serious nature of this effort was that the people behind it were fully aware of the suspicions that would arise among the many careful observers of international affairs would raise, as well as responsible citizens of the United States and the rest of the world. But, to these policy makers, with their dubious intentions were assured that the polls and the many ill-informed would be easily bought by the loyalty and patriotism rhetoric that was put on full volume; i.e. dangerous exploitation of people's fealties and sensitivities. With this play on emotions, the war was raged notwithstanding the widespread protests and political efforts to get reason to prevail.
The amazing thing about all this is that with the situation in Iraq being far from being stabilized or “under control”, the demagogues and their various behind the scenes and covert activities have now directed their attention towards Iran with full vigor. Even with differences within the Bush (George W.) Administration, with respect to Iran, the drive towards Iran has been triggered. Of course, with Iran being quite different from Iraq, a lot of “inside” work was going to be needed, before any full fledged effort can be carried out to bring down the Islamic Republic of Iran and return back to a Mohammed Riza Pahlavi regime, or a military dictatorship or any such puppet regime that will never forget the great assistance of their American and Zionist masters, who put them there.
One must bear in mind that the Khomeni regime came to power because of the gross mismanagement by the former Pahlavi regime of Iranian affairs. It was obvious that American interests, which were obviously exploitative, were bound to be the first targets of the Revolution, since these interests were highly oppressive band left the majority of the Iranian people poor and surfing among the populations of the least developed countries of the world (except for the establishment created by the Pahlavi regime to guarantee its stranglehold on the Iranian people. Beyond that, the Iranian Revolution never posed a serious challenge to America. In fact it was the United States that worked diligently to overthrow the Khomeini Regime before it even set its feet on the ground. A major covert operation was sent to “work with insiders to overthrow the regime”. The effort was a total flop, as natural factors and the planning that involved a number of myriad complexities (A Time Magazine reporter suggested that the CIA planners had forgotten an important basic rule for any covert activity, “make it simple stupid”). Then came the prodding that drove Saddam Hussein and his former Gulf States Allies later turned enemies to wage war on Iran for no apparent justifiable reason to speak of (Saddam put up the field work, the former the dough). The long and exhausting war, that spanned the greater part of the Nineteen-Eighties also failed to bring the Islamic Republic. Dramatically, Iran came out strong and the Khomeni regime put up the institutional framework to give it longevity and greater appeal among its people.
But, because Iran is a worrisome factor for Israel, because of the effectiveness of Iran's approach in dealing with this cancer in the heart of the Moslem World, as the overwhelming majority of Moslems regard Israel, American Zionists have worked over the last two decades to harness American animosity towards Iran to full throttle. Thus, with the dubious background behind 9/11, the framework for an all out offensive against Iran was set. Afghanistan was the first step, to cover the Eastern Border of Iran. Then came Iraq. The covert work now under full gear, started with a quick alliance with the former Mujahidi Khalg paramilitary units, which Saddam used to host as mere check against any Iranian activities against him. There weren't any, so Saddam kept these would be “revolutionists” dormant. With the American forces in \Iraq so busy trying to disarm all of Iraq, Mujahidi Khalq was allowed to keep all their hardware. On the other hand the media channels funded by the CIA and ran by former elements of the Shah's regime and the corrupt establishment that thrived under it was set in motion to instigate misled Iranian students to “go on a rampage”. Mind you, if the students wanted to protest peacefully, no one would have stopped them, but the orders from Washington (and Tel Aviv) was for “violent protests”, in the hope of destabilizing the steadfast Islamic regime. This is obviously serious interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, but to the Bush Administration, this would be child's play compared to an outright invasion like the Iraqi invasion. They got away with the latter easily, so this would not bother anybody. One believes that the Iranian government will be able to deal with this new threat to its sovereignty, even though they may be subject to more punitive military interference if necessary. Israel will not cease to get all the Zionist lobby to work on this effort and will not rest until the Iranian regime, set up by the Iranian people for the Iranian people collapses. The fight will be tough and could backfire on the perpetrators of this unholy new crusade and bring the whole region in flames, but the US Right Wing-Zionist Coalition has its heart set on it very strongly, notwithstanding what the consequences are.