Syria versus the Security Council [Archives:2005/904/Opinion]

December 19 2005

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Tarib
It had been a surprising for the UN Security Council to adopt unanimously draft resolution 1636 which call on Syria to fully cooperate with Mehlis committee and stipulates possibility of taking other measures against it if it did not abide by it. All the 15-member states of the Security Council, including Algeria, the only Arab member, approved the resolution. The move came as recognition by all members of the articles stipulated in the resolution, which are exact replica of the articles mentioned in Mehlis report. Articles of Mehlis report are based on supposition that Syria is accused of involvement in assassination of al-Hariri and non-cooperation with Mehlis committee. The logic dictates investigation into factual evidence leading to the actual perpetrator, instead of accusing Syria at random and pursuant to presumptions whose correctness was not yet proved.

The UN Security Council ministerial meeting was similar to an American investigation panel held with concocted intention aimed at harming Syria and to influence its stands versus issues affecting the present and the future of the region. The Security Council has changed into an arena to practice public bullying. All appeared to be serving as vehicle for the United States and the international organization has been rendered to obedient tools of Bush administration. The Security Council has been converted into a platform to condemn and acquit anyone America wants. Thus it is not surprising that America has resolved firmly to besiege Syria and to slit its neck.

The resolution was not translation of justice rather than translation of the American will. That was obvious in Rice's poisonous speech and statements when she accused Syria of terror and lies and that sanctions were the sole means to force it obey the international will. The truth is there is no longer international will but American will that effaced features of everything and dominated the United Nations Organization and its Security Council that is should have respected international peace and law. The United Nations would have better retired after it has become so weak instead of becoming a plaything in the hands of America. It is strange for the Security Council to deal with what was mentioned in Mehlis' report as if it is a sacred incontrovertible text although Mehlis was criticized even by his own country as well as jurists and judges from more than one country because of his report that is full of mistakes and unverified suppositions.

The Syrian foreign minister Frouq al-Sharie was right when he expressed his astonishment for the Security Council adoption of resolution 1636 under the chapter 7 of the UN charter whereas it did nothing towards stands taken by Israel. He reminded all by the massacre of Qanah of 1996 in which Israel killed more than one-hundred Lebanese people and then the international community did not budge and no committee was formed to investigate into that unsightly crime. He also recalled the incident of the horrible explosion that killed the representative of the United Nations in Iraq in 2003. At that time the Council had just sufficed itself with issuing a mere statement. The Syrian minister also reminded the Council members of Israel's crime in Jenin refugee camp in 2003 where more than 400 Palestinians were killed. Israel at that time refused to receive the international investigation committee and all had obeyed it and America that always grants Israel acquittal deeds. It has become certain that whatever America does in this regard is to harm Syria rather than showing grief over al- Hariri.

When would the Arabs and Muslims understand that America wants to get rid of them and on the other hand fights the Islam? The sole Arab representative at the Security Council should have rejected the resolution and registered his reservation or at least boycott that meeting.