The anti Semitic wall [Archives:2004/715/Opinion]

February 26 2004

One of the most tragic paradoxes and the noisiest scare tactic that the international community will always be subjected to is the constant accusation of “Anti-Semitism”.
If for any of the obvious reasons created by the Israelis on the ground, the majority of the international community, especially at the grass roots level, says there is something that is just not right about it, the international Zionist establishment will cry “anti-Semitism” was behind any such criticism.
This comes out on so many occasions, when the world public opinion simply saw the injustice of any of the Israeli actions against the Palestinians.
One would think that with highly developed social ideas about justice in our time, it is time that the Israelis must learn that they have simply gotten away with so much persecution of the Palestinians, that their claim to being a democratic society that believes in human rights has worn thin.
Where are these human rights when it came to the Israelis literally having kicked an entire indigenous people out of their homeland to fulfill a mythical tale of spiritual promise by the Almighty God, who created all of mankind and endowed all of his creation with inalienable rights and even protection from His own oppression (The Qeuran says, God has forbidden transgressions by Himself)?
Where are these human rights when the Israelis have carried out so many massacres against helpless unarmed human beings in their sleep?
Where are these human rights when, in addition to the land they have stolen in the territory that is now Israel the Israelis insist on illegitimately occupying a territory that the United Nations and the international community has decided as belonging to real Semites, who have lived in the land for thousands of years? Where is the human rights when Israeli jet planes and helicopters can shoot at will at any residential area of the Palestinians killing and wounding as many civilians as it cares, with the excuse that it is chasing “terrorists”, without any tangible proof that their targeted victims have in any way taken part in actual terrorists raids?
Even if that is the case, what is the guilt of all those innocent people killed, wounded or had their homes destroyed?
Where are the human rights, when the Israelis have destroyed thousands of acres of agricultural land, on the pretext of protecting inhabitants of illegal settlements, depriving their farmers without any means of subsistence?
Where is the human rights, when the Israelis refuse to even recognize that all these millions of Palestinian refugees living in squalid camps are there because they were displaced by one of the most chauvinistic nationalist creed in modern times, if not the cruelest?
Why shouldn't the Palestinians have a greater right to a claim of real anti-Semitism perpetrated in the most cruel of ways, by those who wish to claim a monopoly on Semitic ethnicity?
What human rights are there when Israel decides to build a wall on thousands of acres belonging to thousands of Palestinians to protect itself against the terror that its very dogmatic and criminal philosophy actually brought on against a frustrated people who have been subjected to such wanton rape of their land, lives and dignity?
Where are the human rights in a “security wall” that is built on land that does not belong to Israel?
So, when much of this is becoming obvious to so many people in a world of rapid communication and in a world that has a whole different perception of real justice and human values than the Zionist creed would ever care to recognize, the Zionist roll out the films of Nazi persecution unleashed against the Jews.
Yes, in the Zionist logic a wrong may be perpetrated freely to compensate for a wrong unleashed against the Jews and the only wrong that is unacceptable is that which is perpetrated against the Jews.
Of course, what Hitler and his maniacal Nazis did to the Jews is horrible and horrendous and is not justified by any sound principle of human conduct.
But the Nazis perpetrated crimes against a lot of people and the Jews did not monopolize the horrors perpetrated against humanity by Adolph Hitler.
Yet, the only horrors of the Nazis that must be brought to mind, whenever the Israelis behave in much of the same cruel ways as the Nazis did in the way they have dealt with the indigenous people of the land they have wrongly taken away, is that perpetrated against the Jews.
This recall to memory is often exercised against the people of Europe, whenever it seems that public opinion is refusing to see the justifications of Israeli persecution of the Palestinian people, or their arrogant approach to “working for peace”.
Why should these horrors remain a constant reminder to the Europeans, who are simply saying the law should be equally applied to all nations, and principles of human rights must be also be recognized by the Israelis for their neighbors, if they truly want to have peace.
The Israelis cannot have peace and security, when tanks of an illegally occupying power have the right to move at will in the school yards of an oppressed people, who have never been known to have victimized any Jews, who went and came to the Holy Land for thousands of years.
The Israelis cannot hope to have peace if the homes of Palestinians are destroyed by the tens every day for any reason that the executors of the Zionist dream of a wholly Jewish population for the Holy Land will concoct.
The Israelis cannot have peace if their bulldozers destroy homes, farms, factories and other means of subsistence of the Palestinians under flimsy excuses, but with a clear motive of making life as miserable as possible for the Palestinians.
So why the “Anti-Semitism” cry now?
Because the International Court of Justice decided to hear the case of the infamous wall, by which the Israelis have put up to end all hopes of peace or “Road Map”.
In Zionism, the word peace simply doesn't exist.