The best terrorist [Archives:2004/782/Opinion]

October 18 2004

By Mua'ad Ali Dabwan.
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

No doubt, all of us hear about “terrorism” almost every second. The word has been applied to any man with a beard, if women's faces were a fertile soil for beards they also could have been called terrorists. Through the word has scared a lot of people from the right path, good believers never quit the prophet Mohammed's Sunnah (Peace be upon him) whatever happened. This is the path of such believers, never to leave any the teaching of Islam whatever cost they may pay.
In fact, the terrorists fall into three categories. Firstly the poor terrorist, the man who prays and fasts but does not know any thing about what goes on in the world around him. Some of this type of terrorist, are the followers of Shiehk Moqbel Al-Wadaee (God's mercy be upon him). They condemn any political step attempting to bring about positive change in the ruling power, they have condemned the suicide bombs operated by Palestinians in order to protect their lands. Forgetting the prophet words “the one who dies defending his land is a martyr”. These are regarded by counter terrorism experts as: “the best terrorist”. According to the U.S.A, that wants people to follow its rules blindly or leave it alone. They do not threaten America nor any other power that wants to take over the whole world.
The second type of these terrorists is very much like the first. They also practice their religions sermons, and are little acquainted with the world affairs. If you want to recognize them you can visit them in the mosque. Most of them are old. They do not accept the opinions of their cultured sons. Even when they come to listen to a preaching they want to hear only what pleases them – no more no less. They cynically utter statements when hearing a political religions preaching like “Is this the one that will liberate Palestine?” ignoring how frustrating such statements are!
The third kind of these called terrorist is cultured and well-acquainted with the people's affairs. They are always busy putting the seeds of wisdom and bravery into their followers. They are very dangerous because they do something that may overturn the pages of false history that we learn. They are people of principle. So they can change, convince and win a lot of people to their side by persuading speeches. Even if they do not pray, they are still terrorist. Even if they do not preach in the mosque and are without beards, they are looked upon as terrorists! Yes they are, do you know why? Because they threaten the U.S.A., this is only principle behind the issue. One of them, if any would like to know, is the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. He is, as I think, the hero of all the Arab leaders. So America found a very feeble pretext in order to remove him from power. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction nor any relationship with Al-Qaeda militants. However, until this time the Americans could not find a pretext for war. It seems that as the writer Gihad Al-Khazen (Hayat Newspaper) has mentioned. “The reason behind the war on Iraq is Israel. The Israelis wanted to be protected from the danger of Saddam and used America as a means to achieve such an aim”, “the authentic people of America would never let Bush attack Iraq. If the Jews weren't there”, he added
What I would like to demonstrate to the reader, at the end, is that they should not be afraid of the “terrorist” label if it is applied by America. Rather they should take it as an honor, crowing their achievements in life. I need not mention more examples. All people who believe strongly in something sublime, come across painful thorns in their way, what they should do is to sweep them aside, or walk through them in order to die in the cause of God.