The carnage in Iraq and elsewhere: The heretical Zerqawi phenomenon [Archives:2006/954/Opinion]

June 12 2006

With all the propaganda leading to the horrendous invasion of Iraq and the lies and deceptions that came with it, one of the most perplexing phenomenon that emerged out of the invasion was the Zerqawi phenomenon. Abu Musab Al-Zerqawi was no more than a heretofore unknown gangster and opportunist, who saw in death a lucrative contracting career – a way to propel himself to international stardom notwithstanding all the damage and corruptions he introduced into Islam and the genuine right to resist aggression and foreign occupation.

For all the sadness that occupation has brought to Iraq, undoubtedly what Zerqawi brought to Iraq (and elsewhere in the area) was by far more ugly and sadistic than just giving the occupier a healthy excuse to carry on with the mayhem they have brought on to Iraq and the region.

No one is suggesting that Abu Musab is a direct creation of this unholy occupation of Iraq, in which hundreds, if not thousands of innocent Iraqis and other Arabs and Moslems, as well as non-Arabs and non-Moslems lost their lives. But for sure, the occupation did create the venue that allowed the likes of Zerqawi and other hoodlums to take the limelight in a bloody escapade of death and wanton blood spilling that defied explanation and reasoning. Surely, as an occupier the United States and its make-shift coalition cannot declare innocence for such a tragic sequence of horrendous bloodletting that turned the stomach of all peoples with any decent degree of religious or moral inclinations.

Abu Musab defied and annulled all that Islam brought with it in terms of moral ideology and surely defied all the understood rules of resistance to foreign occupation.

Islam does not relish in the bloodshed that Zerqawi proudly boasted of undertaking, and there is ample reference that would put Zerqawi in the bottom pits of hell for all his corruption of Islamic moral dictates, and the death he unleashed, not just against non-Moslems, but against Moslems as well. That Zerqawi had to be killed by the very forces that set the grounds for his emergence is surely an ominous sign that the Al-Mighty has His own ways of dealing with heretics. One really expects all Moslems to puke at the kind of bloodshed that Zerqawi advocated for and practiced. In addition, fomenting sectarian strife among Moslems is another attribute of Zerqawi that is anathema to Islam. Putting it simply, Zerqawi is as anathema to Islam as Sharon, Bush and Olmert combined!

Moslems must understand that it is really up to them to insure that the likes of Zerqawi are never allowed to disseminate their doctrine of hatred and lack of sanctify of human life and the world must be made to understand that Moslems have never and will never find places in their hearts for the kind of resistance adopted by such morons, who equate glory with the wanton and gory displays of bloodletting that defies any semblance of human conscience.

Moslems throughout the world know well that there is no glory nor service to Allah by the mere spilling of blood in a random and incoherent manner that defies any moral persuasion and conscience. Moreover, it is time for Moslems to realize that the kind of rhetoric followed by Zerqawi and his mentors (whether it is Bin Laden or Dhawahiri), as corny as it already appears to most knowledgeable Moslems, is an unhealthy projection of Islam that needs to be corrected, before not just non Moslems are misled to believe about Islamic doctrine, but before they become part and parcel to the beliefs of many misguided Islamic youth, who have become the medians of death propagated by heretical morons of the likes of Zerqawi.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.