The corrupt delay the nation’s progress [Archives:2003/658/Opinion]

August 11 2003

By Ali Sharrif
For the Yemen Times

Well, are not the primary objectives and long awaited aspirations of the people and the government of this country are the taking responsibility for attaining a fairly healthy economy? I am certain, under democratic system, which we all enjoy; there are many ways by which the government could deliver its program for the betterment in areas where there are shortcomings and failure.
To be realistic, the government should adopt a mechanism depending on priorities. For instance, institutions like judiciary, health and other public services sectors which serve people's life directly. It is imperative to identify all corruptive elements in the government system and have them replaced by the professional who are dedicated and whose integrity is unquestionable. These qualified people are the right tools to bring in speedy and constructive progress and development in all fields for real change in people's quality of life.
Indeed under no circumstances a substantial progress can be attained in these mentioned fields or others, when the corrupt are engaged in the system officially. It is ironical to pretend to be a dedicated government official for instance while running a private business. These elements have been observed abusing their government's position for personal gains and interests as though it were a normal business deal.
Unfortunately, progress of the country in other important sectors is not doing enough due to basically the “bad guys”. Yet, the expectations of the entire nation are holding on for a change in their lives. As a result the government should never turn a blind eye on these firmly-established corrupt who without any feeling of shame do abuse the position they are entrusted with. Truly, ramifications of permitting ill practices are counter-productive in our development march. They also do not serve democratization process in any aspect.