The dilemma continues [Archives:2005/858/Opinion]

July 11 2005

Ever since the so called War on Terror began after that tragic day of 9/11 in New York and Washington, the observer still finds it difficult to detect any real progress achieved by the instigator of this war. Whether in “bringing the main culprits” it suspects “to justice” or halting the ability of the terrorists to carry out just about any operation they wish to undertake anywhere, anytime and for whatever reason they, or who ever is behind them, finds it in service to their cause. In fact, one is inclined to believe that the aura and means are now more accommodating for these mysterious disturbers of the peace of mainly common folk to unleash their ugly, methodical and bloody mastery of the art of killing with little deterrence, hindrance or even fear. What is this monstrosity that has found so much conduciveness to be able to make harmless, mostly peaceful people going about their daily lives easy prey for their mischief? Is this chronic failure of the most powerful country in the world and all those who stand with it, in this uncharted and sloppily planned war for which it cannot set a time frame or criteria to bring to a successful conclusion logical or reasonably explainable? Surely, a bunch of small gangs, with comparatively little means can not become so mind-boggling and evasive to a determined and persistent pursuer like the United States, or can they? One is not satisfied anymore in listening to tirades against perpetrators or condemnations and expressions of grief for acts like the London bombings or the beheading of an ambassador in a country, where there are 150,000 of the best that Uncle Sam can mobilize to keep the peace. Nor does the mere collective expressions of grief and sorrow at the victims and sympathies for their loved ones by supposedly the most powerful men on Earth lend credence that there is a real determination to get to the bottom of all this calamity. For four years, the White House has insisted on leading this war, which for all intents and purposes, it has not shown any genuine momentum towards any major success or even preventive capacity that will coincide with the obvious mismatch in apparent capabilities and resources. Four years and causalities literally in the hundreds of thousands. Yet, the Global Superpower is unable to come up with one significant advance towards bringing its suspected enemies to heel or increasing the safety of the mostly innocent victims of both the “terrorist” attacks and the contemptuous methods by which the former has chosen to carry out its unclearly defined mission. Can one be content with accepting the argument that a few ragtag gangs are more invincible, more cunning and literally untouchable than the United States, with all its resources, capabilities and sophisticated intelligence apparatus and the backup of the whole world at its disposal?

If all things were normal, than such an argument would be considered naive and pretentious and lacks merit as far as any astute observer can tell.

Four years of failure would indicate that there are apparently drawbacks and perhaps hidden factors that must explain such consistency of no demise in sight. Four years of a stagnant stalemate that has now exceeded the stalemate of the Trench Warfare of World War I in tenor and ambiguity, means that the observer must look for more rational explanations based on the prevailing circumstances.

God knows, how one hates to get drawn into conspiracy theories and suspicions of a meeting of interests between the antagonists of the most irrational conflict of modern times. But four years, without the slightest hint that the end of the tunnel is near, notwithstanding the baseless claims of progress or even resolve can only impel the observer to analyze the outcomes in all their manifestations. At present the analysis is producing the following pertinent facts:

1) Four years of chronic failure is simply inexcusable for the United States and unjustified by the existing imbalance of power between the antagonists, no matter what scales are used?

2) The methodology and sloppiness, not to mention the notorious infractions by the “white night” in this conflict are not helping to make any credibility apparent in the genuine intentions of the United States in waging this war and the ultimate good it intends to come out of it.

3) The United States has done little, if not anything, to really get at the root causes that are supposedly behind the desire to carry out terrorist acts, nor is it moving in the right direction towards healing the grounds for discontent. On the contrary, with its misguided entry into Iraq and its insistence on dictating the political, economic and social courses that the peoples of the world must adhere to, it has sown the seeds of discontent on a broader scale.

4) The reliance of the United States on questionable alliances, almost totalitarian police tactics and lies, lies and more lies has certainly not proven to be a genuine desire to truly do some good for the world and to interact in a proper, transparent and sincere manner with the international community.

5) There are times one senses that terrorist acts tend to serve the interests of the “enemies of terrorism” in more ways than one. This is further enforced by their almost precision like timing, synchronization and effects of terrorist attacks to influence or reverse the decline of the posture of the United States, Israel or both in a world that is becoming more convinced that this conflict is really geared to advance the evil narrow interests that are predominate in both of these countries at all costs. After four years the major combatant hasn't shown anything that can be seen, which could convince the astute observer otherwise.

The targets and unfortunate victims would tend to serve a counterproductive purpose to the causes that these so called terrorists are claiming to fight for. Surely they are not the normal courses pursued by movements with serious and messianic missions that the latter would surely like to convince citizens of the world or even God that they are pursuing. They do not effect the narrow interests represented by the machines that run the Untied States (or Israel) and civilian casualties or the loss of innocent human lives do not enter in the arithmetic of the benevolent establishments that are really behind this ugly war.

After four years of failure, what other discernible explanation can the white knight give us. Don't expect any.