The evil of it all [Archives:2004/801/Opinion]

December 23 2004

When any sovereign power decides that it is going to act on its own initiative and dictate its premonitions on any part of the world it chooses, especially without any moral or legitimate justification, then it surely should be held accountable for the consequences of its actions. The bloody mayhem in Iraq is a consequence of irrational great power belligerency based on such kind of irresponsible premonitions and is certainly not pointing to any sensible well defined objectives of any foreseeable tenor. On the contrary, Iraq is no more than a human slaughterhouse, where human life seemed to have lost any of the value that any civilized human being would place on it. How did all this happen? It is now inescapable to assume that had Iraq been spared the irrational dogmatism of irresponsible right wing American Likudniks and the irresponsible economic interests that thrive on war which backed them, it goes without saying that Iraq would not be witnessing the almost daily bloodletting of scores of innocent lives. Whether by American military might and firepower or by the barbaric gangs that have found a relatively free atmosphere in which to unleash their ever thirsty appetite for spilt blood, the senseless killing of scores of Iraqis has become an unbearable sight to any human being with any moral fabric. Nevertheless, one is bound to point all blame in the end on a misguided or even evil agenda adopted by an American Administration that has no moral suasion or conscience to convince the baffled observer that all this madness being witnessed for Iraq is good for anyone, invader or vanquished alike.
All this senseless bloodletting has no excuse whatsoever, and it is clear that the American foolish adventure in Iraq is the root cause of the death of all these innocent folks. Of course, there is no justification for any insurgency to pursue the death of the people it proposes to liberate and there is no argument that if the insurgents are indeed behind such atrocities, such as the bloody Sunday in both Najaf and Karbala, then they are simply fighting the wrong enemy. However liogic would dictate that it is indeed highly questionable that any resistance movement would take pride in killing the people it is supposedly seeking to free. Thus, can the American occupiers tell us, how such atrocities are allowed to happen so easily, without the slightest clue as to who really is behind these massacres? Can the American occupiers tell us how they can expect to be considered free from the creation of an atmosphere in which any gang can find its thirst for spilt blood quenched without any difficulty? Everyday, we are told by the occupier that the situation in Iraq is progressing and that Iraq is on the way to becoming a democratic model for the rest of the region to follow. But, the facts on the ground depict a horrible picture in Iraq beyond what words can describe and beyond what tender hearts can accommodate. There is indeed an evil force that has found comfort in Iraq, thanks to the misguided and dogmatic aspirations of a few demagogues and their backers in the military industrial complex in the United States. Iraq is today a slaughterhouse without any end in sight to the ugly letting of blood, for the advancement of the most irrational of causes that any proponents of evil would choose to follow. Yet, it is the evil premonitions of the occupier that stands to bear the most responsibility for pursuing a policy of revenge for 9/11 without clear objectives and on the wrong target. Since there was no real moral force to convince any rational human being of the logic or legitimacy of this demagogic clique that introduced the venue for any proponents of evil and madness to operate freely in Iraq, it goes without saying that the Bush Administration carries primary blame for every drop of innocent life spilled in Iraq. In fact, it is becoming ever so difficult to be convinced that indeed these demagogues in Washington actually want the situation in Iraq to be just that a slaughterhouse, because no matter what efforts are exerted by the occupier to supposedly quell the forces behind the insurrections, they are no more than a continuation of the tragic death of so many innocent lives. When will it all end? The Americans say the elections will solve all of Iraq's problems, but this is not a political fight for power in Iraq, because all power lies with the evil forces that are unleashing their material of death on the thousands of Iraqis that have no political ambition whatsoever except for a chance to live in peace. These evil forces are manifested by the occupier himself and all the incompetent military planners and administrators that are running the occupation and who have no regrets for the thousands of “collateral damage” that arises as they carry out their sloppy military work. These evil forces are also manifested by the clandestine forces that have been allowed entry by the occupier to supposedly help with the achievement of the occupier's goals.
The death of sixty four innocent lives in the space of a couple of hours cannot be simply blamed on “terrorists”, who are supposedly tied to a resistance movement, because there is nothing that would make such attacks commensurate with achieving the goals of a genuine quest for liberation. Even the so called “terrorists” have always rushed to announce their responsibility for the acts that they have perpetrated. However in the massacres, such as those carried out in Karbala and Najaf, one does not hear of any group taking pride in their bloody accomplishments. There is some other evil at work in Iraq that is pursuing even more discreet ambitions and probably serving the interest of other evil forces. One wonders if the occupier is fully ignorant of these forces. Whatever the case, it was the occupier who opened the door for all forms of evil to enter Iraq and in the end those poor lost souls who are victims of such madness will point their fingers at the occupier, no matter who pulled the trigger.