The global axis of deathMurder Incorporated [Archives:2008/1135/Opinion]

March 6 2008

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
No one ever really expected the Government of George W. Bush to come and announce its support for justice to the Palestinian cause or to apologize for the thousands of innocent civilians, who were killed by “friendly fire” or whatever niceties the continuous murder of civilians is labeled by in the Cheney media syntax. The recent carnage or “Holocaust”, as the Israelis themselves call it, in Gaza, is indeed a clear illustration of the overriding venue of murder, broken limbs and broken homes, which the International Zionist Establishment, the Neo-Christian Alliance and the Hate Mongering Racist Federation set up by the IZE throughout the world relies on to bring about havoc, bedlam and lawlessness throughout the world. Surely, the Bush Administration is seeking to leave this world, with enough hatred, distrust and instability to maintain the umbilical cord of the military industrial complex that was given the upper hand in the dictation of American foreign policy for the last eight years, with a view to ensuring its steadfastness, no matter who takes over the White House in 2009.

The language used by the White House and its mischievous Secretary of State, the indefatigable coordinator of evil throughout the world, Condoleezza Rice, clearly states the lack of human sense and absence of compassion for human life by which this Society of Murder, Hate and Destruction that prevails in the World today operates. Can anyone explain how the illogical dissimilarity that exists between two is equal to well over 120 mostly civilian mortalities (with a sizable portion being children), and the many times that of injured human beings be justified by a helpless, suffering, bewildered and frustrated resistance, imprisoned in the Zionist Gulag that Gaza has become? The same mentality that nourishes this ugly venue throughout the world is also the same one that drives all the organized channels of hatred that spreads from Denmark to the radio talk show channels of the United States. This venue of hatred, is illustrated time and again by the public media such as that shown by the Evangelist Bill Cunningham (AM WLW from Cincinnati, Ohio). The latter was campaigning for the newly found champion of the American right, Senator John McCain, the contender for the Republican nomination for the Presidency. And in one of these well publicized efforts as such throughout the American media, Cunningham repeatedly reminded the American public and the world at large about the cause for serious worry in the danger that exists in the middle name of Barak “Hussein” Obama, the contender for the nomination of the Democratic Parity for the Presidency of the United States in 2008. Senator McCain himself had to deplore this open display of hatred. Yet, this is the kind of hate that only the Neo-Nazi Zionists of the World can come up with as they sell their platform of hate to justify their rise to political heights, similar to that used by Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich bums as they strove to rise in the political ranks in pre-Nazi Germany. In fact, it is the same venue of hatred that defines the Luftwaffe mentality of the Israeli Air Force as it pounds away at civilian homes, hospitals and livestock rearing hangars in Gaza and elsewhere in what remains of Palestine in the West Bank. It is also the same adherence to a mentality of murder as the viable means to insure illegitimacy and unjustifiable colonization of stolen land.

Needless to say, the continuous barrage of hatred and prejudice unleashed by the once commendable Danish press also emanates from the same planning and strategy rooms of this murderous clique that guides the world into an abyss of hatred, revenge and diabolical polarization based on ethnic and cultural affiliation. Maintaining the same track of hatred and narrow-minded strategic thinking, it was recently revealed that President G W Bush a while back had given his stamp of approval for a contract to annihilate the legitimately elected Government of Palestine, headed by Hamas.

There is much more to Murder Incorporated that has yet to be revealed and unearthed stretching throughout the far corners of the world. How long is this Mafia mentality going to prevail amongst a humanity that God has blessed with compassion, freedom and equal justice as the only viable institutions that should allowed to thrive?

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.