The goriness of a senseless conflict [Archives:2005/860/Opinion]

July 18 2005

As the horrible conflict in Iraq continues unabated, it seems the observer is going to have to resort to tension pills as the bloody displays get more gorier every day. It is impossible to express the horror and dismay one is bound to feel at seeing so much senseless spilling of blood. This conflict has defied rational analysis and certainly is the most horrible reflection of man”s unkindness to his fellow man. No, that would not be enough, it is a reflection of the unlimited affinity to evil that man will sometimes go to, in order to achieve selfish motives or serve the interests of souls that have lost their humanity long ago and like vampires seek to suck on the blood of their fellow human beings, because that is the only nourishment they can find for their mundane hopes and aspirations. The death of 32 children in the most recent barbaric attack in Iraq has defied all sense of logic or justification and the observer can only look up to the Heavens and wonder, can”t the Lord put some mercy into the hearts of these murdering nincompoops, whose origins is becoming more obscure. Needless to say, the American Adventure in Iraq has simply been a bad miscalculation to say the least, not to mention its absolute disregard for the loss of human life (American, Iraqi, Egyptian, French, Italian and God knows how many nationalities must loose their sons in one of the most senseless conflicts of all time), that has become a primary trait of this ugly war, the end of which seems farther than it ever was. The Americans say their presence is for maintaining the security and peace that no one else can keep. To put it mildly, they have shown a notorious failure to do any of that. On the contrary, it seems that it is their continued stay that will produce the kind of bloody horrors, we are witnessing on a daily basis, like the children”s massacre. To put it mildly, one is inclined to believe that anything will be better than a continued American dominance of the Iraqi scene, especially if the Iraqis are given more leeway in running their affairs.

It is hard to believe that such murderous scenes are not planned to be just that; bloody horrific scenes that defy explanation as if to try to convince the rest of the world that well, if no one bows to America, this is what you can expect and not just a simple occupation, with a polished Administrator dictating his daily commands to a puppet government that does not have one degree of freedom in deciding how to go about managing the affairs of state.

Enough for the American demonic occupation, except to remind our American friends, believe us when we say that condescending to the Zionist lobby is only dragging the United States into the gateway of hell and eternal hatred, no matter who it is that is behind this wanton display of sadistic cravings.

As for our fellow Arabs, Moslems and whatever they are, who have let themselves become cursed tools of soul taking, without adherence to the least rational guidelines that they purportedly wish us to believe they are upholding, may you be damned until the end of time. These monsters have nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam or Arab nationalism or whatever guise they are wearing with their corny rhetoric and their false pretensions to devotion to Allah. We know what Allah has decreed and what they are doing is the exact violation of those decrees and principles and thus we are at liberty to state they are as Godless as any devious monster could ever be and God and we are fully innocent of their actions.

For this reason, it has come time for the people of the United States to reassess the performance of their Government in Iraq and elsewhere in the world. Have a heart and bring some sense back into your government! The death of thirty-two innocent children is just as much the responsibility of the United States Likudnik mentality that has prevailed in deciding the foreign policy options for the United States for the last four years as it is of the local instruments which enjoy displaying their ugly thirst for blood in the most gory ways. Have they forgotten that they were once like those children, not having the least idea of why grownups would find pleasure in turning streets into rivers of spilt blood? The observer is baffled by the rather weak sense of mercy that Americans have shown in their reactions to such wanton murder. Believe us when we say that this is not Islam, nor is this the sound way to avenge the death of another senseless murder on a mass scale like that of 9/11, for which Islam and the children of Iraq are fully innocent of.

One is compelled to believe that whoever is behind the misadventure in Iraq is also behind the venomous acts that have become standard TV viewing. The New York Times states that about 800 to 1,000 Iraqi civilians (and police) are dieing monthly in Iraq, not to mention the thousands who are maimed and wounded. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this mayhem: Had the United States stayed away from Iraq and listened to the rest of the world more than three years ago, such ugly bloodletting would not be the source of our nightmares, which we now seen on a daily basis.