The heretics in Iraq do it, again why Palestinian peace activists? [Archives:2005/900/Opinion]

December 5 2005

The kidnapping of four Christians for Peace in Iraq continue to demonstrate that Iraq, thanks to the Bush Administration, with the gentle prodding of the International Zionist Establishment has been turned into a messy open field of violence, terror and sheer bloody madness of inexplicable proportions. We have a land where supposedly Moslem fighters are engaged in the fight for the liberation of Iraq, yet we have Moslem men, who claim to be among the liberation fighters ready to await the mass exit of fellow Moslems coming out from prayers in mosques and detonate themselves along with scores of other Moslem brothers.

Where is the spiritual or even human logic in this? We have four valiant Christians, two of whom have had a long record of engagement in supporting the Palestinians in their struggle for survival as living human beings let alone for the right of statehood, who have now been put at the mercy of so called liberation fighters in Iraq. What gives here, these people have no inkling as to how to really serve the cause of Islam, or the cause of Iraqi independence and certainly are not convincing to the prudent Moslem that they are doing all this madness for us. How can they claim to be followers of the last of the Great Prophets of God, whose life was a vast testimony of tolerance, respect for the rights of followers of other faiths and the master of a society of brotherhood unequalled in history.

The Prophet Mohammed never sanctioned the abduction of anyone, nor sanctioned assaults or acts of aggression on anyone, who has not shown any animosity to Islam or aided enemies of Islam. In fact most of the wars that eventually led to Islamic armies spreading far and wide were instigated by the victims of the Moslem conquests in one way or another. But that is history and it is where we are today that counts.

The kidnapping of four sincere Christians, whose mission is more humanitarian than any of the humanitarianism that the wild mobs of blood have shown as they depict the antithesis of Islam in every way, while claiming to uphold its banner. No, we are not fooled by the corny videos showing the superficial images of Islam on the walls but neglecting the core principles of sanctity of human blood and tolerance of all who desire to coexist with Moslems in peace.

Nor do we find any glory in the intolerance shown on those who actually came here to help mitigate the sufferings of Moslems delivered by the hostile war machine of Tel Aviv and Washington. Where did these morons of death get their Moslem teachings from? It certainly is not from the Qur'an or the traditions of the Prophet Mohammed that all Moslems know are the exact opposite of what these fanatics of death and sadism have displayed in the last five years of this Millennium. How terrible that Moslems now must deal with an even worse enemy inside than the enemies who are outside the faith, if we are to assume that they are truly genuine in their faith, which is very doubtful.

What good have these monsters of death shown that can in anyway be attributed to Islamic teachings? None whatsoever. Kidnapping four people, who have come to show their sympathy for those who are suffering from lethal bombings and artillery barrages against innocent people looking for a peaceful night of sleep, is beyond human logic, let alone Islamic teachings.

I have often suspected that much of this madness has a mysterious evil hand behind it that is masterminding all the gory business we are seeing in Iraq, just so the real evil monsters of the epitome of western imperialism: American arrogance with Zionist chauvinism, can have their field day anywhere in the Moslem World and make sure that control of the vital energy resource remain in the hands of the deadliest war machines in the world, that of the United States and Israel.

How could the timing of such a kidnapping be so unrelated to the desire of fulfilling the wishes of the Israeli persecutors of the Palestinian people, who also killed Rachel Corrie and have beaten and “mistakenly”” killed or wounded so many activists. Now they do not need to do that