The importance of media in population census [Archives:2004/724/Opinion]

March 25 2004

By Ahmed Mohamed Al-Qadhy
For the Yemen Times

No doubt the media has an important and effective role in any political, economic and social activity. The Media has become important element in recent times in accompanying development in various aspects taking place in the world. The media is one the crucial important and scientific pivots which require perceivable facts. The population census media campaign aims primarily to increase the awareness of society and to gain the trust of the citizens in order to collect accurate statistical data from the various. The member of society is the source of data. And in order to collect accurate and precise information, the citizen must have trust when providing information to the researchers working in the field. Good preparation phases regulating the role of the media must accompany the fieldwork of the population census. The success of the media campaign depends on the following:
1- The ability of the researchers in the field gain primarily the trust of the citizens in order to obtain the information without suspicion. The researches must be aware of the importance and benefits of the census in the economic planning. They must have good conduct in such work and in dealing with the public in a way that does not reflect hesitation or concern. These are some of the stipulated conditions for the success of the census.
2- The nature of the means the researchers are using to persuade the public interact with them to reach the positive goals of the census. This issue is accompanied by the roles of the different media, TV, radio and newspapers, on a broad scale and with all possible capabilities. This is usually based on a concerted plan of how to deal with public opinion, for instance the use of preachers in Mosques in pointing out the importance of population census through involving as many citizens as possible from all walks of life. The holding of lectures at schools and universities and organizing individual interviews and distributing various informative leaflets will also play an important role in getting the public ready to take part and to contribute effectively to provide accurate information for the population census.