The indolent personality [Archives:2007/1023/Opinion]

February 8 2007

Dr. Samia al-Aghbari
Indolence is considered an exaggerated laziness or rather the highest degrees of inactiveness. Nobody is free from the laziness that may occur in him every now and then in a temporary form and ends with disappearing. Somebody may get infected with an illness making him unable to move and work or even think well. This can be caused by shortage of certain foodstuffs such as minerals and vitamins to a degree making the body lose its balance and inactivate his activity and vitality. If this person does not treat his illness case it will with the passage of time change into a chronic case and consequently the inactiveness caused by that disease changes to permanent and chronic laziness or indolence.

Indolence can be a result of exposure to some psychological acute disturbances such as infection with severe depression or taking certain medicines causing indolence.

The aforementioned causes of the mergence of indolence are considered temporary factors that almost disappear with removal of its causes. As for the indolent personality it is the one that was brought up and grew up on laziness and indolence. The personality may not be affected by a biological or psychological disease, but it is a characteristic accompanying the personality a peculiarity distinguishing it to an extent that many of that personality's relatives and families as well as friends and neighbors and colleagues at work give it the nickname of indolent. Even if there are personality possesses other good and positive traits they will not come to surface because the characteristic of indolence is superior to all.

Everything in that personality gives implication of indolence. The eyes are sleepy and drooping and absent, the lips hang loose and in most occasions the tongue rests loosely on the lower lip in a clear laziness. Flies may stand at rest on that person without him paying attention until someone will tell him. In many cases his saliva will run down his mouth unawarely.

Laziness and indolence control the fat and loose body of that personality. When you shake hands with that person you feel his hands weak and cold as if you are catching a piece of ice without any trace of veins on them. When a person of indolent personality walks he slowly shuffles his feet as though they are tied to chains hindering them fro moving quickly and firmly.

This personality is characterized by fatness however it mostly suffer from chronic anemia and mostly his hair falls because he is too lazy to visit doctors for the treatment of his ill case.

Thus it seems that the indolent personality has acquired readiness to receive all incurable diseases that remain inactive throughout the period of childhoods and youth and will appear suddenly in the period of maturity or old age. The indolence that accompanies the indolent personality is not confined to its body but it rather invades its mind and dwells deep inside its soul and almost controls all its entity. As a result of that the indolent personality is affected with passionate coolness, if there is for instance a death it will not get affected negatively or positively even if the dead person is the closest one to it, as if the matter does not concerns it at all. It may feel very sad bit it does not express it in weeping or crying or wailing, not even with silent praying. It suppresses its sorrow and that will result in an incurable psychological or physical illness.

In the case of joy, such as a wedding of a relative its presence will be cool and spiritless, having no meaning or significance. Its presence or non-presence is the same as if it has been forced to attend the occasion. Its face does not sow any expressions and all that it will do is to greet the bride coolly with the tips of its fingers and hastens to look for a place where to drop its burly body and begin to chew leaves of qat, or drink coffee or eat nuts. And if it happens to laugh then its laughter will be very lazy and inaudible for it is of a moody temperament. It may laugh suddenly without a cause for it and vice versa. As for its brain that is affected with mental laziness it usually does not press hard on itself or busy its mind with a certain subject even if it were serving its interest and the interest of its family.

The indolent personality is indifferent and disrespectful and mostly depends on others in the simplest things. Its role in life is marginal and its existence is basically useless to an extent that the closest individuals to it such as the parents, brothers and sisters and then the husband or the wife see in its presence no importance but rather a heavy burden on them wishing to get rid of it. The matter will be very difficult when an indolent man marries an indolent woman and here the contamination is communicated to the offspring and the whole family becomes a burden on relatives who will tolerate unwillingly the negative impact of that indolence materially, health and socially.

Therefore the indolent personality is not liked and boring and wastes its time, health and youth as well as its money as a result of the severe laziness controlling it. It is unable to think soundly and to work or look for a job taking it out of its inactiveness and bringing for it an income protecting it.

It is difficult for the indolent personality to get rid of its inactiveness as long as it finds the one that stands by it and helps it materially and morally and offering advices to it is futile. The important thing one can do regarding the indolent personality is to ignore it and not offer any help to it and to derive it f anything it likes even if it tires to beg for it because any weakness will make it go further in its inactiveness. Above all it is supposed that we shall know the causes that made this personality inactive, whether it was physical, psychological or educational. Then we must try to treat it according to that. This will infect take a longtime and exceptional effort and cooperation of all those concerned. The most important point is to convince that personality that it suffers from an unusual and harmful case and if it does not resist its indolence then the whole world will discard that person.