The irrelevance of reality [Archives:2004/780/Opinion]

October 11 2004

One of the great mischiefs of some folks is that if something can be taken to be the truth by a sizable number of people, then let it be the truth. For close to four years now the George W. Bush Presidency has gone on record with lie after lie after lie, to the point that lies are indeed viewed as the only acceptable rhetoric that is fed to the public. We are not sure what can be attributed to be of truthful origin in any of what the Bush Administration has made public, but it is for certain that the awesome reliance on lying has been a clearly visible trait that distinguishes the Bush Presidency from any previous Presidency. If I recall correctly, since I was then living in the United States, even the Richard Nixon Presidency with all its legal and ethical faults was not so deceived as to believe that the American public would just about believe anything their President said to them. This represents a serious breach of public trust in a country that prides itself on being the model democracy of the world, although many smaller countries are actually more advanced in their democratic development and more innovative in insuring that public trust is given more weight in safeguarding the social contract.
One is not really surprised at the insistence of George Bush and most of the icons that have symbolized the neo-con establishment in Washington and their network of gung-ho right wing loyalists that such persistence on deception and distortion of the real world is not just possible but actually the only right thing to do. For one thing, there is an obvious strong tie-up to what has been called the Likudnik mentality that is now dominant in the political arena in Israel. The Bush Administration has clearly found little reason to be abashed about the fealty to Zionist political philosophy, especially of the Likudnik persuasion. Most of the elements in the Bush clique have strong relations and links with Zionist organizations and have been heavily active in working to synchronize American right wing tendencies with Zionist aspirations and methodology. While American sympathy to the Zionist cause is no new matter in the American political arena, it goes without saying that American politics would not so easily conform to Zionist modus operandi in the past. Moreover, American institutions had enough checks and balances in them to project a more stronger inclination to abide by moral and ethical standards than the Zionist philosophy found better to do well without. But, during the Bush presidency with the Republicans pretty much in control of the three branches of the American Federal Government, there was no more balancing leverage to thwart off an extreme right wing inclination. In other words, power became easily manipulated to suit the pre-ordained agenda that right wing visionaries have set for themselves. This is not really much different to what Ariel Sharon has found to be easily attainable in a political environment that even in its leftist of orientation knows well that the element of evil in the Zionist cause is inseparable from any political persuasion reigning in Israel. After all, Israel has its establishment rooted in evil intentions, unethical practice and the use of gut force to impose the Zionist agenda in a brutal systematic manner. Maybe the right wing Republicans holding the reigns of power and decision making in Washington have become convinced that this is indeed a successful way of imposing their will. Moreover, like the Zionists, the control of public mass media now enjoyed by the right wingers, either by persuasion or by some form of coercive influence, have also produced another similarity to Zionist (Likudnik) methodology. No one is ready to ignore the awesome weight of the use of mass public media to arouse sympathy for the Zionist cause in the West, especially in the United States. But this use is almost completely reliant on deception, fabrications, historical distortions and a total disregard or even a refusal to acknowledge the rights of the other stakeholders turned victims of the Zionist long term agenda. One is not sure if it is a matter of convenience that the American right became so attached to Zionist methodology, if not creed, but for sure, most American observers (out of the right wing establishment) are surely not oblivious to this. For this reason, many American writers, who are sympathetic to the Zionist cause are already on the defensive insuring that the tie up with Zionist methodology is not misunderstood to be a tie up with the evil aura that surrounds the Zionist cause. These defendants of the Zionist cause simply try to portray an association by common hatred. In other words, there are fundamental reasons for Americans to be similar in demagoguery to a common target of right wing and Zionist animosity, the alleged Arabs and Moslems, who brought on the tragedy of 9/11 to the heart of American economic and political power. Therefore, the Israelis have not spared any effort to insist that the common enemy of terror rests with Arab and Moslem culture and are doing everything possible to persuade the United States to take it from Israel that the only way to deal with this evil culture is to eliminate it.
To come to terms with this converging of animosity, it goes without saying that the Zionists of Israel have a good lead on confronting the “evil radical Moslem culture” as the Zionist propagandists have taken pains to project as the common enemy of all Western culture. Accordingly, if lying is an important tool of the Zionist cause, then it should be just as useful for right wingers in the US, who must use lies to hide their deficiencies and their failures in projecting sound governance and effective leadership. The polarization of America has never been so manifest, with the Americans divided into either strong adherents of right wing philosophy based on demagoguery and chauvinism, or opponents who do not have the wherewithal to confront the almost scientific organization of the right wing machine, that has blocked all hopes of arousing meaningful dissent. Then there are the middle roaders who simply do not know what is right for them, especially with so much lying fed to them. Even with the more lenient leanings of the Israeli body politics, the right wing is still moving freely with their agenda. There is not that much difference in the American political arena from this kind of repressive political venue, which is really what any kind of environment where the lies prevail and deception is the rule and where reality seems to have a reached a shocking state of irrelevance.