The Israeli Lobby proves accurate by “IL study”! [Archives:2006/934/Opinion]

April 3 2006

John J. Mearsheimer (born December 1947) is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

Stephen M. Walt is Academic Dean and Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

The above two gentlemen of distinction have undoubtedly proved their loyalty to their country and more importantly have proved their professional courage and diligence in presenting a study that should enlighten the American people as to the misguided approach their government's foreign policy has been pursuing. These two distinguished academicians of the United States have dared to put all the weight and credibility of their academic credentials on an important topic that should be of interest to all Americans and non-Americans, who were waiting for the day when

America will awaken to the smear that this Lobby has put on the posture and image of the United States throughout the world. Their work, “the Israel Lobby” should have been greeted with admiration and respect for its candidacy, unrelenting and objective discussion of the misguiding influence of Israeli Lobby in the United States. One is quite certain that these two honorable men were doing this in the best interests of the United States and with the utmost adherence to professional ethics and adherence to the upholding of moral values on which presumably the United States was founded upon.

Yet, after absorbing the shocking revelations of their very important and well referenced study, the Israel Lobby began its libel and slander campaign against these two men, without hardly showing any taste or respect for the stature that these men deserve. In fact all that the study revealed with respect to intimidation, and rejection of any opposing opinion were unleashed against these two men of distinction and it is not surprising that the Israeli Lobby was dealt a striking blow by the study. This is evidenced by the early silence so as not to give the study early disseminating momentum, especially as the Lobby was caught off guard by its revealing facts about the danger and evil that has befallen the United States thanks to the strength and influence which this machine has been accorded in the United States political apparatus. Of course there was more libel, arm twisting and plain blackmail used to confront this study rather than academic credible responses worth noting. These ranged from forcing both the University of Chicago and Harvard University to remove their logos from the study reports to calling the study “full of errors” and childish, not to mention “typically anti-Semitic”, conspiracy theory oriented and all the other standing libels that the Lobby has ready for anyone who dares challenge their power and influence.

This observer would like to point out two aspects of the misdeeds of this Lobby. In a reprint of most of this observer's article on the Anniversary of Rachel Corrie's murder by a Zionist bulldozer three years ago, this is what the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto wrote on Tuesday, March 21, 2006:

She “gave her life to a tractor”? Actually, it was a bulldozer, and she was accidentally run over when she stood in front of it in an effort to stop Israel from destroying weapons-smuggling tunnels. That would hardly seem to qualify her for martyrdom, though clearly she's an inspiration to deranged anti-Semites everywhere. (I.e. Rachel Corrie is now a terrorist!)

Lies, manipulation of the truth and a horrendous addiction to smear people. That is the underlying weapon of the Israel Lobby (the WSJ was considered part and parcel of this Lobby in the Harvard and Chicago University study – although the latter later cowed down to pressure from the Lobby to get their logos out of the study report). There are reports that they are demanding the resignation of Walt from the Kennedy School, but these reports are unconfirmed).

Everyone knows that Rachel was protecting some handicapped Palestinians, whose house was being demolished by an Israeli Bulldozer and people were shouting to the driver to stop before mercilessly crushing her (This is from the British Independent's Robert Fisk: ” (Rachel) stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer in an attempt to prevent the driver from destroying a Palestinian home. The bulldozer drove over her and then reversed and crushed her a second time). But look at the nerve of the WSJ editor in twisting the facts and smearing Rachel at the same time as just one of those “anti-Semites”. To the WSJ, one would just like to say that this observer is more Semite than anyone their editor means by this worthless slander. Moreover, Rachel is more of an inspiration then any of the devious icons that make up the Israeli Lobby including Tanaro or any of the other mouthpieces of the Israeli Lobby. We have a lot more articles going along this direction (as well as blogs) but we will suffice with this for now.