The longest political dialogue in Yemen [Archives:2007/1100/Opinion]

November 5 2007

Mohammed Anam
A 17-year experience of political dialogue in the country is enough and worthy for any kind of diagnosis or evaluation. If dialogue between factions of the Yemeni Socialist Party in the 1970s was described as the longest of its kind in a very small country, this means that the General People Congress and other political parties and organizations should bear in mind that the dialogue with Joint Meeting Parties may be the longest.

We believe that dialogue is the safety boat for Yemen and Yemeni people while the Islah Party, YSP and other political organizations take out of the dialogue the same objective for the lifeboat theory and the intents of Maltose and LaSalle.

A 17-year experience of dialoguing with YSP and Islah Party hasn't helped resolve the election system problem, nor did it settle any of the urgent national issues. And, if GPC remained betting on resolving such problems with such parties, Yemen will have achieved nothing in other spheres.

Sophism is the summary of that experience while the thermometer of national responsibilities tells us of a terrible treason in the addresses of several JMP leaders. The dialoguer, whose goal is always achieving personal interests, works on extending the durations of dialogue, creates multiple crises and violates any national principles and any teachings of Islam. This dialoguer considers everything permissible, even the calls for apostasy and fomenting sectarian conflicts, as well as other destructive conducts.

The GPC is responsible for the homeland, plus building the national economy and the Yemeni man. It also gives top priority to establishing the culture of dialogue in our political life and the emotions of citizens, particularly as dialogue is part of our ancient cultural structure. The ruling party always realizes that Allah (Subhanah Wa Ta'ala) dialogued the devil, but the other dialogue party (the devil) insisted on pursuing evil and ending the dialogue. This is a useful lesson to remind those concerned of the significance of dialogue.

If dialogue with YSP during the transitional stage could not help persuade the party's leadership not to fuel the 1994 Civil War, the current dialogue with JMP compelled GPC and the people to find themselves facing a critical situation. It is now that the ruling party and people understood that their national duty is confronting any conspiracy targeting, Yemen, its unity, security and stability.

Dialogue is actually a civilized conduct when it remains ideal, involving aware political forces that live up to their national, religious and moral responsibility and let no chance for wasting time and energy.

We have to admit that JMP damaged the dialogue-related experience while GPC should acknowledge its complete failure in dialoguing with these parties because of their structure that is colored with dictatorship, opportunism and conspiracy and the impossibility of re-qualifying them for the democratic process.

The European continent that remained fragmented and divided for a considerable period of time has become today strongly unified despite the fact it is composed of different states and people who speak different languages. Regretfully, as our dialogue ends, we hear some JMP leaders promoting and instigating apostasy and defection, and fueling ethnical conflicts.

I think that even if the ruling party hands the job to JMP to form the election commission from members belonging to their individual parties and excluding judges and GPC members, the problem will remain unsolved. And, during the parliamentary elections in 2009, people will realize that the opposition parties will announce abolition of the elections and the electoral system. The best dialogues for these parties are the ones that concentrate on controversial religious matters such as: Where is the seventh sky? And which one was created fist, the egg or the chicken?

Source: Al-Methaq Weekly