The metamorphosed terrorism [Archives:2008/1147/Opinion]

April 17 2008

By: Moneer Al-Mawri
A few days ago, I received a telephone call from Mr. Hussein Al-Dharhani of Sana'a, who was once the escort of Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) presidential candidate Faisal Bin Shamlan. On phone, Al-Dharhani expressed his personal deep gratitude to me because I cleared him of the false terrorist charges attributed by the authority to him in a satellite channel some months before the competent court did so.

Al-Dharhani said he expended hard effort to get my telephone number for this purpose (express his deep gratitude to me). For my part, I told him on phone that it is kind of him to seek the person who acquitted him. What is more important is that the relevant court must prosecute all those who accused him of being a terrorist without providing any evidence, mainly President of the Republic.

Al-Dharhani needs to claim that President of the Republic must make a public apology at a news conference similar to that conference during which Mr. President raised Al-Dharhani's photo and accused him of being a terrorist in order to intimidate citizens and make them suspicious about voting for Bin Shamlan, who was then campaigning ahead of the subsequent presidential election.

Despite the fact that Al-Dharhani's silence and being unserious to claim that Mr. President must apologize to him aroused our suspicion among us that he might have learned about details of the malicious plot machinated against Bin Shamlan in order not to win the election, the trust to clear Al-Dharhani of the fabricated terrorist charges doesn't originate from our relation with the man since it was the first time for us to hear about him via Mr. President speaking to Yemeni Satellite channel. Instead, the trust to acquit the innocent victim is based on our knowledge of the notorious regime that never hesitate to use 'terrorism' as a card to achieve political and electoral objectives without feeling that it played with an inflaming fire.

This doesn't mean that the regime may send its henchmen and loyal collaborators to carry out terrorist operations like the ones launched in the oil installations of Dhabba and Safer ahead of 2006 presidential and local elections. The regime, however, knows well how to give a gesture to the real terrorists to carry out terrorist plots at its convenience like it did to get rid of Jarrallah Omar, former assistant secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP).

Before Omar's assassination, the ruling regime mobilized Yemeni Satellite Channel staff to cover a general conference organized by the Islah Party. It is the same personnel that is always mobilized for such malicious purposes only and not for covering opposition activities. The personnel included non-T.V. workers, thereby arousing suspicion that their duty was arranging for the last scene of the scheduled event before it was televised. The way the assassination was carried out confirms that the authority had known about what would have happened.

Suspicious conducts preceding terrorist attacks:

There are numerous examples of suspicious conducts preceding terrorist events. But what has been proved authentic is that most of the terrorist operations in our homeland were launched by individuals whom the authority metamorphosed and transferred from the Qaeda terrorist Network to a government-controlled terrorist camp. Therefore, most of the terrorists available in Yemen stopped receiving orders from Aiman Al-Dhawahri or Abu Al-Faraj Al-Leebi. Instead, they receive orders from officers in the Yemeni army and security institutions. The actual threat originates from this fact.

At this point, one can say that the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a and the adjacent 7 July Girls' School was planned and launched by metamorphosed terrorists in a manner different from that followed by the real Qaeda Network comrades, who are known for enjoying a high level of exactitude in planning their plots and attacking their specific targets.

What provokes more suspicion is that one week ahead of the terrorist attack, some of the ruling party's websites shed light on a dispute between Principal of the 7 July Girls' School – a woman – and some elements, which these websites described as “reformists and extremists”, implying that they belong to the major opposition party in the country.

The pro-ruling party websites published a story saying the school principal was beaten. Is it believable that such preparations were made by chance for the sake of attacking those named by the authority as Yemen's Taliban?

In conclusion, the Yemeni authority doesn't only metamorphose the beauteous things and empty out their content such as the unity and democracy. Rather, it did metamorphose even the bad things and made them worse. It changed terrorism from a political crime into a political depravity or evil.

As a result, Mr. Hussein Al-Dharhani is not the only victim that deserves apology by the authority since Bin Shamlan deserves a similar apology and so does the JMP leadership, the family of Jarallah Omar, families of schoolgirls killed in the most recent terrorist attack, the U.S. Embassy staff and the metamorphosed Qaeda elements.